A consultation on duty-free and tax-free goods carried by passengers

Don’t think this has been posted before. Consultation closes 20/05.

thanks, hadn’t heard about it - will have a read

Have we got a new relationship with the EU? I thought we just had the remains of an old one.


Yes - we’ve left. All explained in the link.

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I would have thought it a fairly simple and straightforward exercise.

Keep it at the current notional level of 120 bottles of wine per person to bring back ‘duty free’.

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I’ve never understood why the duty-free limit on still wine is 4 litres; that’s not divisible by 75cl

A case of 12 standard bottles is 9 litres.

If the limit was 4.5 litres that would allow a person 6 bottles .


Yes, I know we’ve left. Not so clear about the new relationship though - I thought it was still very much under negotiation. Or maybe even that there is not much happening in the way of negotiation right now.

We’re in transition. We follow all the same rules until we’re out of transition.

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I have such wishful thinking dreams all day long…

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Sorry to disappoint, but there is still negotiation going on at the moment - another week of it last week.

It’s OK - I’ve been mired in disappointments on this front for god knows how long now… another one wouldn’t hurt. But you can tell I’m not watching the ‘news’… :smiley: