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A Comet links to Veuve Clicquot History?


Hi Guys,

Just read an article about Veuve Clicquot and did you know that she managed to smuggle over 10,000 bottles of her famous 1811 Comet vintage into Russia!

It is pretty sick that this Comet (appearing on the label now) is now part of the history of the Domain.
Do you guys know any fascinating about Champagne or Wine estate to share?

Cheers wine lovers


I can’t see why it is ‘sick’ …… and I can’t see a comet on the label either. Comet appearances, especially the one in 1811, have been linked to exceptional wine vintages, not just Champagne.


The comet refers to the symbol encircling the VCP & anchor. (The concave sided hexagon)
Veuve Cliquot use it in much of their branding, eveything from coolers to confetti.

As for the “sick” reference I’m guessing that’s the modern usage “wot da youffs” use, innit.


Sorry, sick was meaning that this information is really amazing , nothing impolite.


Absolutely :+1: I should have made my response a reply to peterm as I was endeavouring to answer his query.

I do like the Veuve Cliquot label. It’s probably by association but even the colour reminds me of drink it in the South of France on balmy summer evenings.


Interesting question that made me think of the shooting star (or perhaps comet?) image that appears on the bottom of some champagne corks.

There is a suggestion in the link below that it may indeed have originated at Veuve Cliquot in relation to the 1811 vintage.



Evelyn Waugh wrote a short history of Veuve Cliquot, I have it somewhere. A bit indigestible in parts and not entirely accurate. He got paid in champagne for it, two cases I think.


The colour is copyright and VC have taken another winery (Australian I think) to court when the other winery used the same colour on its label.

I’ve never realised that the six sided symbol on the label was meant to represent a comet.


This reminds me about d’Arenberg’s launch of a sparkling wine which they amusingly called “Dadd”. Mumm were not happy.

I see that it has now been replaced by a product called “Polly”…