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A challenge to the Mentors


My wish list is ever expanding from recommendations in the community and I wonder if the @mentor could help?
If all five mentors could recommend 3 wines totalling £30 for the three then that would be an instant case.
I don’t mind what you choose but I will need to order soon for the twstaste.
Thanks in advance :pray:


Me challenge like!

Here are my choices - random, but all wines I thoroughly enjoyed!

… And 60p change :grinning:


Thanks for the swift response @Inbar
Two wines I have never seen as well.
That’s three straight into my basket.


I wouldn’t know of any of these if it weren’t for recommendations from this community :+1::blush:


It is a difficult one… try these…


Great Choice @szaki1974
I have always meant to order the Litac and it’s been a long time since I have tried an Aussie muscat. That’s six now in my basket.


Hmm, a challenge … I’ve developed a personal aversion to recommendations after a painful experience of having to do it for a living … but that is in my distant past, so maybe time to try again

However, I should reiterate that the mentor role does not imply ANY particular additional wine knowledge. It is more of an administrative and social one, so you can take all these suggestions with the same pinch of salt you would apply to any community suggestions!

Here are some favourites


Cracking selection @robert_mcintosh.
The reason I chose the mentors is I would otherwise have a massive list like my wish list if I opened it to everyone but maybe another time.
A great selection so far :+1:


Apologies for my tardiness @JReed and in the words of my 3 year old “I WAS BUSY”, yes he shouts it. This feels like a Eurovision entry. Which one to enter, which ones are still in stock AND keeping within the budget :smiley:.
So my entry is as follows:

Only £1.70 over :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


It’s OK, you just spent my savings! ( £0.15 leftover … teamwork!!)


Thanks @Leah another 3 I’ve not had so that’s my case made up. Unfortunately Roberts Greek red is temporarily out of stock so another one is on my wish list!
A great selection from all the mentors.
Thanks again. It almost feels like a Christmas delivery.
Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Detailed feedback required :wink::grimacing:! Hope you enjoy EVERY wine we recommended !
Now, I would like to turn the tables on you and ask you to recommend 5 wines for us !! One for each of the mentors :wink:. No pressure :blush:.


OK let me sleep on that :scream::scream::scream:


Having failed to find any Pinot under £40 that sounded anything other than competent, I have just bought the Rapsani almost solely on the basis of your review on the TWS website. You may need to start charging subscriptions, a la Jancis


Haha @Jcbl, maybe I should start a blog :wink:. It’s currently in my basket too . Totally loved it and going to have it for a belated birthday dinner for the OH when he gets back from offshore ! Let me know what you think, I’d like to hear your thoughts :+1:.


And I only got back from holiday yesterday, sorry! Here are three jet-lagged ideas:

A white:

A red:

A rose:

No apologies for being France-centric :smiley:

Only slightly over budget…


I’m impressed that after all our suggestions we are only about £1 above the total budget though!


Not something my other half often praises me for!! :roll_eyes:


Ah, but we were buying wine for others (under instruction) not for ourselves … where rules do not apply


Thanks @tom some lovely wines there.
My order is now complete and a varied selection. Will post back with feedback when I taste the wines.
I suppose here’s part of the Challenge that @Leah put down yesterday

A lovely sweet wine to start off with.

And finally I thought I’d recommend a fabulous white which is always a treat when I order it as it puts a lot of white burgundy to shame

PS I wasn’t given a budget
Cheers :clinking_glasses: