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A bittersweet bottle

I would love to have some input from this lovely community if I may .
Short story, I want to buy maybe a couple of bottles of wine/port from either this year or 1991.
My younger cousin was tragically killed in July in a car accident and would have turned 30 on March the 4th this year .
His first child is due in the next few weeks and I wanted to gift a special bottle to his unborn son and also his older brother who is very special to me (& also a TWS member but not on here) and Danny’s only sibling.
I will be purchasing something special and appropriate for the beautiful fiancé he has left behind also.
I have some ideas but If anyone can recommend or suggest some really special bottles I would appreciate it . Thanks :pray:


Sorry for the loss of your cousin.
Have a look at this site for 1991:


Thank you , I’ll look in detail here :+1:

Sorry to read the background to this search.

I’ve had a few 1991 vintage ports. My favourite is Warre - I bought a case at auction but you can find it retail.

Tanner’s have it in stock -


Thanks :pray:

How terribly sad.

Might a Cognac for the brother be of interest? Vintage dated cognac’s are rare, but Frapin made a 1991 that is meant to be fabulous for about £100-120. My thinking is it can be consumed over several occasions.


Rioja 1991 is a very good vintage, and the first where Rioja was elevated to DOC status (above all others).

You’re also likely to be able to pick up a bottle for a reasonable price.


Thanks everyone , this is all really helpful :pray:

Many thanks @Lincoln, I sent a bottle of this .