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A bit of Christmas fun - New Year, new questions

Inspired by the picture round of the Society’s Christmas Quiz on Monday, Mrs Robertd decided to take a break from her crochet to produce a quiz for our wine group, which I thought I’d share here. Pictures today, answers tomorrow. The answers could be grape varieties, they could be regions, they could be types of wine, they could be brands. You may need to show your age. And they’re very varied :laughing:


Unsurprisingly for a cycling fan I got the second day instantly. The others are a lot tougher, I’m going to have to work on them.

Day three sussed now.

Thanks, this is fun !

Edit- the eighth day made me laugh out loud when the penny dropped ( as did day six ) !

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Well 1,3 and 5 were easy. (3 is jolly good - the clue I mean)

I’m not a cycling fan so I don’t know who is in the first pic, but I know the second.

I’ve got 10, from the first 3 pix and the last two. I don’t know the chappie on the yellow background though…

Re crocheting, I see those toadstools make another appearance in 6.


Some of them are truly terrible - in the best possible way :grinning:

Edit: as opposed to the similar puzzles in Decanter magazine, which are just terrible.


A day late, but here are the answers…

New Year’s Eve, so it had to be champagne!

@peterm - it’s not who the guy in the yellow square is, it’s what he’s doing.


I don’t know what he’s doing!

Very clever, some excruciating

I got 1,3,5 and 10 although I didn’t get Arno or Dab, but Monty Pull Che * * Bru Sew was enough.

Should, could have got 11 but with Marlboro written, I was trying for some wine from there and failing to find a clue in the two cigarettes.

Pass on my congrats to Mrs RobertD for a job well done, except that’s not a tram in 12, it’s a trolley bus.


He’s “dabbing” - see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dab_(dance)

I will pass on your congrats. It is a tram, BTW, from her home town of Hong Kong!


Thanks for the answers as 4, 7 and 9 were being to bug me !

Loved the clue for 12 :rofl:

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My apologies. I couldn’t see the rails.

I have ridden the HK trams - many years ago!


To be fair, the rails are not obvious in that picture. HK trams are quite an experience. Not the most Covid-safe of environments under normal circumstances!


Here’s Mrs Robertd’s extension pack for the New Year…


Bravo! These are all excellent. I have all of them except 5, 6 and 7, I think!


Thanks again for posting Robert and to your wife for the brilliant, laugh out loud, clues ( still chuckling over number 3 ).

5 ( shah, big toe, mu, prince, nah !!!) and 8 ( something wood ? ) have got me stumped though. I shall look forward to all being revealed in due course !.


Just realised what 6 is!

The penny’s now dropped on number 5 ( phew ! ).

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Yeah, it’s genius.

Still haven’t got 7, but I don’t know who the lady is

Thanks @robertd , great fun


Great fun - many thanks

Got them all now, especially liked 5 & 10.

3 took the longest

Happy New Year!


Number 8 finally came to mind whilst prepping dinner, yes ! :smiley:


These were great fun to crack, thanks for posting! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: the other half started by moaning that I’m more likely to get the answers, but ended up doing much better than me. Some hilarious clues in both quizes - well done to Mrs Robertd! :clap:


I now have all but 7. As with @Brocklehurstj, I don’t know who the lady is.