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A big welcome to your new Community Manager!

Hi everyone,

Many of you know that I’m off on maternity leave shortly (next Thursday 16th September, to be exact!) so I’m afraid I’m leaving you for a year! :sob:

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce my maternity cover, the wonderful @TeresaGirao! :partying_face: :balloon:

Teresa is joining @Kelly as your Community staff - I’m sure you’ll give her a very warm welcome!

Please tag @TeresaGirao or @Kelly if you need any help from now on. I will be popping by as a member to say hello and talk all things wine during my time off, so I look forward to keeping in touch with you lovely lot, but I won’t be able to help with your queries until I’m back properly next September.

I thought it would be fun to kickstart you all getting to know Teresa by posting a quickfire Q&A:

Favourite wine styles/regions

Sweet, fruity wines. Lambrini, Gazela or Joao Pires (Portugal)

Favourite holiday destination

Hawaii, certainly. Although I enjoy travelling to different destinations and having new experiences, Hawaii is certainly my top choice.

Favourite book and TV show

Marley & Me. This book has a special meaning to me and I read the book every year – can’t get enough (although I don’t like the movie). For a TV show, that’d certainly be Mindhunter.

What’s your go-to recipes for a dinner party?

It normally depends who I have as guests, I’d say. Cooking (and food!) is one of my favourite things on earth and I live for trying new recipes that excite me (would love to have my own restaurant one day, if I could). Tapas are certainly an all-round favourite. If I’m cooking meat, then probably I’d cook my grandmother’s meat roll (it’s so juicy and flavoursome!), crispy duck rice with chorizo or chicken stroganoff. If its fish, then a grilled seabream, cod or octopus. If it’s pasta, then a lovely salmon pasta or mushroom risotto never disappoints! If it’s seafood (my favourite!), I’d cook a seafood rice, garlic and butter clams, scallops, and all sorts of different cooked types of prawns along with my dad’s handmade garlic mayonnaise recipe (it’s just beyond brilliant, an all-time favourite from everyone!).

What’s your favourite non-wine-related hobby?

It used to do swimming competition and ballroom dancing a couple of years ago, but I have recently found joy in crafting (mandala painting and pot painting).

Who’s your role model?

My grandmother. She’s genuinely the nicest person on earth (I know I’m biased, but everyone else who knows her feel the same). She’s sweet, funny and always happy to help anyone in need. It’s hard to describe her, but she’s the closest you’d refer to someone as an angel.

What would your Mastermind specialist subject be?

Easy – food! I’m beyond excited about testing lots of recipes using subtlety different types of wine now that I work for TWS.

What are you most looking forward to in the rest of 2021?

To have fun and enjoy life! 2021 has bit a very odd year and I have certainly missed spending time enjoying life outdoors or doing exciting things with family and friends, so I’m hoping I can have a bit more of that before the year ends.

A bit about me

One of the main reasons that got me excited about The Wine Society was to have a chance to work more closely with wine. Although I’m a very fussy wine drinker, it’s certainly an area that means a lot to me as it’s engrained in my family. When I was little, we’d spend hours (sometimes until early the next day, really!) around the table eating (e.g. my grandad used to have an outdoor oven and we’d make chorizo bread) and wine was always there. My grandad lives in Sintra and owns a small vineyard. He’d sometimes ask mine and my cousins help treading on grapes to help producing wine (not for sale, just for the family). I loved helping him out, although it was a really odd feeling to be barefoot squashing warm grapes!

Welcome, Teresa! :smiley:


Bem vinda, Teresa!






Hi Teresa, welcome.

Your food sounds amazing, I’ve got very fond memories scoffing chorizo bread as fast as it could come out of the oven at the Festa da Senhora do Monte on Madeira. Do you plan to expand your wine horizons at TWS or are you intending to stick to what you love?

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Welcome, Teresa! :clap: looking forward to getting to know you and hear more about your wine and food adventures!


Hi Brocklehurstj! Thank you for your lovely message, I appreciate it :slight_smile: That’s lovely to hear, who knows one day we’ll actually meet in real life in Portugal for a tasting session! I definitely do, keen to learn everything I can about wine and to try different things.


Thanks Inbar! For sure, nothing makes me happier than talking about food (and my most recent wine adventures!) Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you Winestwit! :slight_smile:

Obrigada! :slight_smile:

Obrigada, Joao! :slight_smile:

Welcome Teresa!

And sending best wishes to Laura, thanks for all your hard work here.


Thank you, Aaronb! :slight_smile:

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@laura Have a nice rest Laura. You’ll need it when that baby arrives on the scene. Thanks for all the very polite ‘tellings-off’. Good luck with the pregnancy.


Thanks @laura and good luck. Thank you for all you do for the community - it’s great for us as members, and I am sure a rich source of insight and feedback for TWS too - and it’s great to see our feedback listened to and acted on. It’s certainly encouraged me to buy & try new things.

Welcome, and good luck teresa.


Welcome, Teresa

but according to Laura, your favourite ‘wine’ is Lambrini

Lambrini is not wine, it’s a perry!

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Beat me to it. I suspect Lambrusco was intended

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All the best @laura!
Welcome on board Teresa!


Welcome, Teresa.
I have a friend up in São Martinho do Porto who has opened a place called Pit Stop. He was gifted the place by the local council and is using it to help the disadvantaged children in Portugal. All the renovation has been done by local volunteers.
He has draft beer available and it would be nice to have some local Portuguese wines on offer as well. So any suggestions appreciated


Thanks for all your lovely messages, everyone! And so glad to see such a wonderful warm welcome for @TeresaGirao. We’ve enjoyed working together so much in the last couple of weeks I almost don’t want to go on maternity leave now :laughing: so I know you’ll all get on great!