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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Aren’t we ALL?:wink:


Well I initially missed my mouth with the PG


@Herbster Perhaps you can get a straw and hoover it up?


First word that comes to mind is RIPE. Man, this is ripe fruit. Blackcurrent jam…? a bit of spice. Just checked with the husband, and he said “it’s like a monster hiding behind a curtain”. I don’t know what he means!..


Hate it when that happens!


OH here: getting the pineapple/apple and creamy sort of texture, nice. Completely stressed by thought of pork & crackling having dashed in late to the tasting from a track speed session - famished.


I’ll just stick the straw in the bottle. No more spillages…!


Packs a nasal punch. Vanilla and spice are my first thoughts


I LOVE Mr Inbar’s tasting notes!!! :grin:

Right now I’m just getting lots of dark, tarry fruit and spice - it’s peppery as!


Agree! Some clove too, and maybe liquorice…?


Massive blackberry fruit for me with some smoky notes. Also getting a lot of alcohol ‘heat’.


Blueberries as well. Smells boozy.


Mrs CC: ‘Packs a nasal punch’. Great way of describing it and rather better than the first words I thought of which was ‘clobbers you on the nose’.


Black currents and bramble with some hot rubber and a little spice.
This was so tight a few hours ago but it’s mellowed


Ingenious as always!


Yep - 14.5% booze!


I agree. Ripe and boozy. Life could be worse.


Getting some rubber??? marker pen, prune, caramel. Love the colour


Yes, definitely clove! Not to mention the vanilla thing…


Merest hint of rubber but definitely some liquorice