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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Butternut squash chilli being served


7 out of 10. Very enjoyable but not quite enough to become a favourite.


As long as no one is wearing a shirt like Chester Osborn


Surely, this is PJ’s not a jumper @NickP! :wink:


I was wearing a ginger cat earlier on but he got bored and is now looking out of the window instead


For what it’s worth, it’s an alright match with our pesto chicken tonight… not perfect, but pretty good!

OH MY GOODNESS I’ve just seen the Christmas jumpers! @JReed and @NickP you are absolutely wonderful, haha! :smiley: That has made my night. :smile: :clap::clap::clap:

Right, who’s poured a glass of the d’Arenberg red? Shall we get stuck in? :smiley:


Whenever Chester comes to host a TWS event, members are encouraged to wear loud shirts in deference. Always good fun.


7.5/8 here. Can’t decide. Enjoying it for sure.


Oops I forgot my glasses are held together with a bit of duck tape


@Croquetchris, pity he wasn’t white then you could’ve given Santa a run for his money :rofl:


Jumper and lounge pants @inbar - give me some credit :wink:


Sorry… I’m not usually this pedantic!! :wink:


Could always be worse John :rofl:


On we go with the Shiraz - here’s a recap I prepared earlier!

d’Arenberg The Footbolt McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016 14.5% £12.50


d’Arenberg is undoubtedly one of the most significant wineries in Australia’s McLaren Vale today. It was started in 1912 by Joseph Osborn, a teetotaller, who purchased 25 hectares of land and began selling fruit to local wineries. In 1928, the property’s own cellars were completed and red and fortified wines were made here in increasing quantities to supply the expanding European markets.


d'arenberg zoom.jpg705x460 57.2 KB


The name d’Arenberg came to prominence in 1959 when Joseph’s grandson Francis d’Arenberg Osborn, universally known as ‘d’Arry’, took over the running of the business and christened it in honour of his mother’s family name. The wines themselves started gaining cult status amongst judges and amateurs alike. By the 1970s the d’Arenberg range had gained a significant national and international profile and its wines had become extremely fashionable.

d’Arry and Chester Osborn

In 1984, d’Arry’s charismatic son Chester d’Arenberg Osborn, having graduated and spent time exploring European estates, took over the reins as chief winemaker and viticulturalist. Passionate about the family business from his youth, the inimitable Chester soon set about reintroducing traditional practices to capture the small-batch character of his wines. The old-fashioned basket press, for example, allows oxygen into the vinification process, softening and rounding out flavours and contributing much of the innate character that sets the wines apart. At the same time, Chester has moved the brand into the 21st century and now presides over an expanding range of evocatively marketed wines yet ensures that intrinsic quality in the bottle remains uniformly high.

darenberg5-1.jpg1024x768 258 KB

The d’Arenberg Cube - visitor centre, tasting rooms and restaurant

Why Footbolt? Joseph Osborn was a successful racehorse owner and Footbolt was the pride of his stable. In 1912 he made the hard decision to sell his horses to purchase the d’Arenberg property.

The season of the 2016 vintage began well with average winter rainfall, Summer conditions were significantly warmer than average with two heatwaves through January testing the limits of the vines. Following the heatwave was rain and cool weather, which helped slow down ripening, and allowed flavour development to catch up to sugar ripeness. White wines from this vintage are fruity and very flavoursome, as are reds with ample tannin to match.

Small batches of grapes are crushed gently and then transferred to five tonne headed down open fermenters. These batches remain separate until final blending. Foot treading is undertaken two thirds of the way through fermentation. The wine is then basket pressed and then transferred to a mixture of new and used French and American oak barriques to complete fermentation. The barrel ferments are aged on lees, and there is no racking until final blending. This wine does not undertake fining or filtration prior to bottling.

Our note: d’Arenberg’s inimitable winemaker Chester Osborn has never shied away from full-throttle styles! This Aussie shiraz shows why: satisfying and delicious with concentrated blackberry and mocha flavours and a warming, spicy finish.


A homemade jumper, I’ll add!


The Aussie is ready to be sniffed, the husband is now watching old episodes of Taxi. He’s on a different planet, clearly!


Crap, just spilled Aussie shiraz on the table.

Hold on everyone…


Taxi used to be great especially Reverend Jim


Mrs CC: blackberry with masses of alcohol (ie petrol-ish notes in a good way) for me.


multi tasking here. Wine, Mosconi Cup Pool & bedtime stories…