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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Very, very good!

I could have a plate of that right now…


For me it’s 7 out of 10. I had slightly more complex PG from Alsace (missing the ‘spicy’ note on the finish, which I love in Alsatian PG) - but delicious one nonetheless! :heart_eyes:


Photographic evidence required!


Not had much experience of A. PG but based on Leah’s comment there are better to be had, I will give it a 5.


I’ll give it a B+, just to be awkward and different.


8+ in our camp, very enjoyable, worth the extra money (i.e. above our usual £8-10 a bottle).


Actually, onto the second glass and it’s mellowing (or perhaps I’m mellowing). Some of those porky suggestions sound well worth exploring.


But they cost much more…:rofl:


Red ready and waiting…


I’m going to give it a firm 7.5 I think. Really love it, would definitely order again, and I think for Christmas it’d be a lovely glass - but I think there’s more of Alsace PG I want to explore (might have to ask @Inbar and @Leah for some suggestions…!)


I think this is a lovely example of Alsace Pinot Gris, precisely because it is different to more typical examples. More refreshing, less voluptuous than some, but with a spicy baked apple kick. 8.5 for me.


Ah! for that you need this government’s definition of B+… which is something like 7 or is it 8…? Hold on, let me shout to the GSCE girl… erm 6 or 7.
They know how to not make sense!


CC and Mrs CC: eight out of ten for us. Very enjoyable.


It’s a 7.5 for me - better with a contrasting food, I think. Interesting suggestions of curry and Chili Con Carne - must try!


Here we go, 8 from 3 of us, just a 6 from the savi b fan :worried:


Yeah, this delivers nicely for the money I’d say :+1:


Semi Christmas jumper for me


I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about!


Surprised you let any such person darken your doorstep … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: