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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



A marriage made in heaven, I reckon. And I’m on marriage number 2, so I should know!


I’d like a bit more acidic zing on the finish, but it’s so tasty I forgive it.


Oh, very lovely! Perhaps the red we’re about to try would work with some leftovers? :smiley:

PERFECT! Yes, that’s exactly what I’d have this with. Or with some Boxing Day ham, as @Inbar suggested. :heart_eyes:


How about Choucroute? I can imagine the contrast would be superb, like with apple sauce, cabbage and roast pork…


Completely agree!!


That’s it! Thanks!! :rofl:




Could this be drunk with spicy food? Thinking a chilli pork belly cooked in cider.


Yes, I think with Delia Smith’s Pork Tenderloin made with apples and cider. Must try it.


Would work quite well I reckon


Might work with Tai curry?


Yep! As long as it’s not too chilli-hot. Had it with mild curry this evening, in fact! :wink:


I’m about to have a spicy bean burger with this and the Shiraz


Shall we give marks out of 10 before we move on?

P.S Extra points to anyone who’s wearing their Christmas jumper tonight! :smiley:




Is that good or bad Herbster?


Its a hit for us. Perhaps one could tweak but I don’t remember it being too expensive and very good value. Something a bit different to the normal Chardonnay / Savvy one might take to a dinner party


He cant tell… he’s already downed the 2 bottles :rofl:


Summer afternoon in the garden… lovely


I’d give it a respectable 8.