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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Lovely creamy Apple and pear crumble on the palate. So soft texture.
Very yummy :+1:


I taste, apple, melon, and some citric maybe grapefruit, the taste lingers quite well.


Totally agree! There’s something lively and citrusy on the finish! :ok_hand:


This is interesting, it’s got that oily texture you come to expect from Alsace PG’s. I can tast the alcohol on the back on my tongue which I don’t think is integrated as well as it could be with the flavour profile. I get the restrained honey, pear, lycee with a little apple. I’ve got to be honest, its not the finest example of Alsace PG I’ve ever had but its perfectly fine.


That grass is softening as I taste. Can see where people are going with apple. Nice little bit of acidity at the end but as @inbar says (and @Ewan in the notes) - a slight fattiness that works well


Getting much more fruit now it’s in the mouth! All that peach/apple/pineapple has appeared.

Lovely texture also. lovely fatness without the flab


That is one of a few of my favourite things


Rounded taste, well put together there. It’s quite rich, with a great finish, defo go with those cold meats on Boxing Day!


Well that has to be a good review! :smile:

Really loving the rich texture, baked apple flavours and creamy loveliness. Got to say this is right up my street!

What’s everyone having for their Christmas dinner this year? We’re turkey traditionalists but I reckon this would be good with various birds!


This strikes me as a bit sweet for any food that isn’t a dessert. I can see in going well with vanilla ice cream, apple pie and custard, traditional comfort food type puddings.


Meanwhile trying to burn the advent candle down to 6th day of December, currently on 4. Why dont they make sensible candles that keep the dates well? Either too thick or thin. Wine very nice fruity, rich, apple, sweet, nice aperitif or with starter. Excellent. Shows it is worth spending a but more. We are not white wine drinkers in the main but we both like this. Mrs Doc Martin and me.


Made for Goose or Pork I reckon a la Alsace! :wink:


Rib of beef ordered, Hermitage earmarked! Oh and something for my vegan niece :slight_smile:


Coming back to it after a few minutes, it is definitely stewed apples, but I’m also getting the pineapple too. Typical soft roundness in the mouth, nicely dry with a leesy, yeasty aftertaste?


I don’t normally get along too well with Alsace PG but I like this one


What about with pork and apple sauce?


+1 for pork - would be a good match indeed!


This would even be a substitute for the apple sauce - pork belly - mmmmmm!




Mrs CC: with all the talk of apple, I’ve just tried with Fyris (Swedish Apple Sponge Cake with cinnamon). Wasn’t a disaster, but the apple sponge brings out the sharpness. (Apple sponge made with Bramleys which are pretty acidic.)