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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



I can see why people are saying apple - however for me it would have to be the sweet apple tarts my great aunt used to make when I was a young lad. It’s actually quite evocative.


Smooth and fruity with a nice after taste


Drove by near Colmar in the summer, worth a visit next time we pass through en route to the Alps.




Loving the idea of sour cream and dough too! Really get what you mean. Lots of lovely ideas here.

Go on then, those that haven’t already (anyone?! :rofl: ) let’s have a taste and see what we find! Bear in mind what you might be eating at Christmas and see if you think it would be a match - anyone got any festive food to eat with the tasting tonight?


I agree. For me it’s more stewed apple than apple tarts. Then again, perhaps the resulting smell is the same for both!?


Yeah, apple turnover. Without the cinnamon.


I’ve always been impetuous


We’re having it with trout, very nice but it would suit turkey, chicken, cold meats…


The apple impressions started off very sweet but are turning increasingly
tart as I taste more. In a really good way.


Sorry nearly finished the bottle and the red yet to go, nothing like pacing!


Grass was my first thought, then a creamy finish. Grass ice cream anyone?!


Lovely rich texture, yum.


Lovely texture- just what I like in a PG from Alsace; a little ‘fat’ - but actually not as fat as they can get. Creamy mouthfeel, with peach, acacia honey (quite delicate honeyed notes, actually), and something a little yeasty too. Delicious!


Yes nice and rich. Not as sweet as I had feared


Here’s the thing … where I come from apple tarts are made with stewed apple, not slices.


Very easy to finish it I think


Mrs CC: citrus edge to it for me fruity as in apples. We tried it earlier with Tom Kerridge’s Pea and Ham Pasta recipe (parma ham, creme fraiche, mint, parsley, anchovies as well).


Rather surprisingly, this went well with our chilli con carne earlier.


That’s how I do it too! More like a Strudel than an apple tart - but so much nicer for it!