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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Drinking window suggestion on CellarTracker is 2022-26…


And there also seem to be plenty of examples of earlier vintages enjoyed at 10+ years of age, so it looks like it tends to hold up well…


For me the Shiraz is way too young and I wouldn’t drink it ATM. Okay many like these young and I used too but the extra complexity is well worth the wait imo. Same for their better cuvee, like Dead Arm, coppermine road and ironstone pressings, age them.
Mind you I’m a fussy so and so, we had a chat, and we’ve decided to put the rest away for another day. Venison stew was mentioned.


Ooh, I didn’t even know this was happening, but I’ve enjoyed reading it and now fancy a glass of Shiraz. It’s only 8.35…


Any dates fixed yet for future tastings?


I’m having a glass each of the PG and Shiraz tonight.
The PG has turned into a soft pear juice and appears to have lost the little acidity it had. It’s still a pleasant drop.
The Shiraz on the other hand is full throttle. It’s developed a smokiness and a pleasure to drink on a cold night.


Just got home from a night taxi driving my family to Christmas do’s.
Now trying a small glass of each.
The Pinot Gris is lovely. Simpler than i remember from last night but nice gentle apple fruit
The Shiraz is all over the place. Tanin and acidity fight each other. What little over sweet fruit there is has been beaten into submission.
So surprised there were no more negative comments on this wine. For me it’s almost asking for a refund bad.
Sorry that how I see it.


That almost makes me more keen to try it, Russ! A fight in a bottle…


Any news of the January 2019 #TWSTaste? Do we have a date yet?


Yes indeed! We’re planning the first one for 24th January - we’ll be announcing more details next week! :smiley:


Fantastic news. Can’t wait.

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