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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Well thank you @laura, @martin_brown and @Ewan for putting in the time in to find such consistently good and interesting wines for us to taste!


Another fantastic tasting! So lovely to share this with you all!.. And it’s not just the PG/Shiraz combo speaking… Is it really Christmas in 19 days…?!! :scream:


Thanks to all, enjoyed the banter.


No Christmas jumper this evening, sorry…



Thanks everyone. Had a blast tonight and will look forward to the next one :pray:


Happy Xmas! Thank you. Interesting to discover new wines again.


We’re a restrained and well-behaved lot :wink:


That was good, thanks to all, will enjoy reading it all back! Happy Christmas to come :tada::wine_glass::+1:


Thank YOU all for coming and bringing these wines to life with your wonderful tasting notes! It’s been great! We’ll announce our January date soon - probably close to the end of the month to give you all a chance to recover from your Christmas shenanigans. :laughing:


Thanks everyone, for joining in so well. Always great fun. Merry Christmas to one and all. As Tiny Tim said: “Tiptoe through the tulips …” oops, not THAT Tiny Tim , “God bless us everyone!” :wink:


Don’t believe her @japcraw :sweat_smile:


A good evening. Enjoyed reading all the comments.


Think the red went to a public vote :ballot_box:


I don’t believe anything since Brex… erm, better left unsaid!


Well that always ends well, doesn’t it?! :wink:


Actually now you mention it I remember now. And I voted for this. So… thanks @NickP as well :wink:


Goodnight. Away to have one last glass of the Alsatian


Night Night everyone! Off to finish the rest of the Sauternes I have in the fridge with some cheese… this was great fun, as always! :blush:


Think I’ll stick with the shiraz this evening.

Let me just recork the pinot gris … there, that’s better:


seems like it was a bad idea to miss this… looking forward to the next one