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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



I got some Snowdonia Red Devil and Black Bomber from the Bath Christmas market to try with it.


Great with Sainsbury’s spicy bean burger and some cheddar.
It beats the PG


The shiraz wins, but the pinot gris was tastius maximus too, so the biggest winner in the room is me.


Love a bit of Black Bomber


Not decanted but open for at least 30 mins. Seriously having the white first (which we spat out of course) affecting judgement. This is a great all round red and ideal for a party at Xmas, Now trying it with cheese as part of the scientific test of course. A bit cheese depleted here (except cheddar) but what cheese would go with it?


I really enjoyed the Shiraz, but my heart is definitely with Alsace. And not just for historical empathy. There’s something less shouty and more delicate about it that appeals. Still- they were both cracking wines!! :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Very different from a French Syrah! Seems like the Aussie sun has roasted the fruit - slightly Ripasso-like, but with no sweetness. I like it - enjoyable and can imagine it going very well with food. Bet it would last a good 8 years too.


Haha! :smiley:

I’m not sure if this GIF is supposed to represent the wine or me after drinking the wine…


Ha……. Be careful where you make such announcements :rofl:


Just put a case in reserves, in case it flies out.


I’m going to be trying this out in a minute. Some strong cheddar and mature gouda in mind.


Your mind, not mine, Mrs!!



Possibly a slightly unfair match as the red, for me, would suit food whereas the white stands up on its own. That said, my heart has always been with Aussie Shiraz - but this time its a 2-0 to the Pinot Gris. A very narrow 2-0 but unanimous all the same

Both lovely wines to try - thanks to whoever chose them


Aussie Shiraz was my first love back in the day and it’s something I’ll always enjoy. I’ll put the wood fire on tomorrow and enjoy the rest of the bottle


Both very enjoyable, and likely will buy more of both, but it’s the shiraz getting a further pour this evening, and I’m off to hunt for some cheese…

Any you can lob over the back fence @Ewan?


Hear hear… hate to ever miss these tastings as it opens up the opportunity to taste wines I otherwise may not.


We’re planning to enjoy the rest of it with a game pie on Sunday. :star_struck:


Aw thanks! That would be a mixture of @martin_brown, @Ewan and I… it’s a tough job! :wink: Both of these are in the Smart Classics for Christmas offer at the moment - not sure I’d have picked either of them for Christmas before trying them, but I’ve been especially won over by the PG!


Sunday, lucky if the rest of mine will last until 9.30 tonight.:rofl: