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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



That Chester Osborn always looks like he’s fond of a drink or two. Is this an example of anthropological terroir in action?


I decanted mine at 5.30am :grinning: as I headed off to work.


That’s something I often get with Australian shiraz - seems to disappear when drinking with food and gives a little lift on the finish.


I’d hope so. Subtleness is not it’s strong point at the moment.


Getting nods all round here. You’re good at this!




Mrs CC: just trying it with some Collier’s Cheddar. Not a bad match actually.


Totally agree.


Ha! I love that description. A sassy red… :joy:


I have to say, I’m not getting a green note - just a nice dry, smoke-like finish. It’s really lovely!


If it was a woman… she’d have serious sassiness :rofl::sweat_smile:


Goes well with the cheddar. It does feel like quite a dry red


Not a typical Aussie Shiraz for me. Dryer and less fruity than some. Has ageing potential certainly. Not quite as brash for me as some are suggesting but maybe that’s the decant? I’m quite liking some of these bone dry reds


Always love Mrs CC’s cheeseboard matches - might pop in for a slice tomorrow as I whizz past on my way to Tenby!


I’m ordering more…:wink:


I think your tobacco is my vanilla. We had fabulous vanilla desserts in Sri Lanka and this taste takes me straight back to thinking about them.


Okeydokes, 10 minutes left - let’s start wrapping up. Starting with… that ever controversial vote for which of the wines was your favourite…!

  • Ginglinger all the way!
  • D’Arenberg for me!

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Mmm, I’m sure some good cheese would be good with this!


For research purposes obviously, tried with a cold sausage, not good, and some Comte, not so bad.


OH: yes tobacco, but very much fermenting recently harvested tobacco. Takes me right back to my father growing the stuff in the garden for his pipe smoking, smells are strange like that.