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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Steeped cherries and a touch of nail varnish on the nose. Sweet fruited, but palette and finish has tannins and strangely a green note.


Very subtle understated aroma here. Blackcurrant, a hint of vanilla with shavings of some undefined spice and a little freshly ground black pepper,


Watch and learn… :wink:


Well, I expected a fruit bomb, but it’s actually quite restrained on my palate! The nose was very ripe luscious fruit, but it’s more brambly and slightly tart on the palate. Tannins dried my mouth, but not unpleasantly and there’s a lovely touch of spice too - clove, or cinnamon. Yum!


Whoa, a sip of this and now the pinot gris seems so skinny.


Thank you!! We were supposed to be moving TODAY but it got delayed - thank goodness! Would hate to have missed this. :joy:


Haha - every cloud!


Mrs CC: yes fruity, very fruity actually: blackcurrant for sure. And a nice tart-ness.


That’s spot on, so not like Aussie reds, almost claret like, going down a treat here.


Holy Gouranga
Just feel that spice explode within all that fruit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Much less fruit than expected. Definitely brambly, wife says green pepper. I think quite spicy. Quite a dry grippy finish. Would love to compare with one that has some bottle age


Really like this, big black fruit kick then a satisfying dry finish. Drinking window is to 2023, is this a wine that will get better?


It’s the dryness that’s striking me! I almost prefer my reds with a bit more juice but it’s very moreish. Would definitely need some food for me, I think?!


Yes, it definitely improves over time.


Not very subtle. Masses of vanilla. Still has the black pepper and spice (can’t pin down which one I’m thinking of). Generally fruity without much hint of any particular fruit.


It’s a bit of a monster that’s come out from behind the curtain and is now rampaging through the house - very concentrated, more of the rubbery type flavour coming through. Very long, plenty of tannin, something green or slightly sour at the end?


I get the ripe right bank claret likeness.


This would go with a wide range including cold meat, pasta, cheese, red meat, BBQ (if in Oz), butternut quash chilli.


Ok, this is quite sassy, bone dry, getting the blueberries again but more of a tart blueberry sherbet dip. A massive amount of tobacco now with some blackberry, redcurrant, cloves and I think would benefit from a much longer decant .


I’m telling Martin you said that! He’d love it! Monsters… curtains… he lives on planet Zog sometimes! :smiley: