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6th December - #TWSTaste: Christmas Classics



Mixed spice, sweet, black currant plum dark and rich, ripe for drinking…now!


That’s a hint!


sweet blackberries, liquorice & spice.

Certainly packs a punch.

Glad I poured it an hour or so ago


Can I just ask - who here has decanted their red?

  • Decanted it
  • Poured it straight from the bottle

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We’ve packed our decanter :see_no_evil: so we’re seeing how we go with swirling it around a bit first.


On the nose, this is lovely, lovely perfumed aroma in a kind of a nice Margaux way. Ripe Strawberry and blackberry spiced with mocha, black pepper and cloves. Touch of Vanilla, blueberries and pure sunshine.


Blackcurrent jam for me. The sort in a dinky little jar you get with cream tea at any NT property… mmmm…


Same as me then Leah !!!


Absolutely. Not the dry-wipe ones either - it’s the proper permanent marker.


Oak on the nose?


Congratulations on your house by the way!!


Proper Aussie Shiraz
Recently had the 2014 en magnum and it was gorgeous after a few hours


We could decant the 60% that’s left!


Let’s get tasting then! What do you all think? And what foods would you match it with? Is it a good bet for Christmas?


Yes used on the new whiteboard, duster in hand then you look again at the pen.


Agreed! Just a bit of each - very subtle, but nice…


Who’s got that kind of time?!!..


OH here: Crikey, you’re right, that’s what it is, in amongst the blackberries, spice & alcohol, old car inner tubes, I’d never have got it but you’re right.


Its either decant and forget or forget to decant for me…

Did OK with this one - it got an hour


I’ll take my hat off if you could drink a magnum in less than a few hours!


I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s done that.