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6 Nations 2019


Well, we’re nearly there. I love the six nations and this year it looks as competitive as ever. I think any one of three teams could realistically win it but overriding favourites have to be Ireland. Not sure about a GS though

What are your predictions this year, and what would be your first choice drink for each team?? Taking into account home advantages, I’ll kick off with:

*Ireland (Guinness, but only when served in Ireland!)
*Wales (Has to be a local beer, but which one? Please not Brains!)
*England (Gusbourne)
*Scotland (struggling here as I’ve yet to find a whisky I like. Off to Skye in 2 weeks so who knows?!)
*France (I’ll go for Hermitage based on all the Rhône EP chat)
*Italy (Amarone)

What do you all think??


Prediction: 1. Ireland / 2. Wales / 3. Scotland / 4. England / 5. France / 6. Italy

And while we’re at it, over on Twitter I’ve just launched this year’s #TWSrugbyscore competition, asking for predictions for France v Wales. You need to enter via Twitter to be in with a chance of winning a bottle of The Society’s Sparkling English Wine.

  • Runs straight over to twitter ** :rofl:


Anyone getting excited for the weekend yet?? I have to manoeuvre my way in and out through a 1 year olds first birthday party before kickoff…! I will be leaving early :rofl:! I will have either a bottle chilled or decanted . What’s everyone’s plans??


Drinking booze and shouting at the telly!

Can’t wait. This is when the year really begins: there’s Christmas, then there’s New Year’s Eve, and then January’s just about killing time till the Six Nations :rugby_football:


what he said !!

now watching with an 8 year old, who plays, the shouting has to be a little subdued


Tuilagi and two Vunipolas…Should be physical. Can’t wait.


I have a big crowd coming round to my house to watch the game including 3 Irish. In the predictor I went Ireland by 3 but the England team announced today is some team. Can’t wait to see how Curry gets on, if we win I can see him being man of the match.

On the drinking front I was planning on covering all of the 6 nations, but I have an “Italian masterclass” at the local wine merchants tomorrow so I may not be capable of sorting that and the food before poeple come around at lunch. If anyone is interested the list for the Italian night is below.

Franciacorta Alma Gran Cuvée Brut NV, Bellavista, Lombardia
2016 Verdicchio Classico Superiore, Villa Bucci, Marche,
2016 Soave ‘Calvarino’ Pieropan
2016 Aglianico del Vulture Pipoli, Vigneti del Vulture, Basilicata
2013 Barolo, Massolino, Piemonte
2014 Cepparello, Isole e Olena, Tuscany
2014 Mille e Una Notte, Donnafugata, Sicily
2014 Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, Allegrini, Veneto


I’m sure you mean if “WE” win :shamrock::wink:



What a list! I would be interested in any notes you take, or maybe you could post the highlights. I went to Allegrini in the summer (Italian daughter in law. Hurrah) and brought a few bottles of their Amarone Classico back home. Worth the money IMO.

Oh since this is a six nations thread…Come on England.


I will reply on here with my thoughts. The Cepparello is the one I am most looking forward to. I have had the Pieropan, Donnafigata and Allegrini before. For the money I actually prefer the Palazzo Della Torre from Allegrini.

I am very excited and nervous about the Rugby. My head says Ireland are in such a good place and have home advantage but the potential in that England team is phenomenal. As I said earlier I can’t wait to see how Tom Curry goes.


Managed to rehome a few bottles of the Palazzo too…I agree with VFM. The Amarone is a particular favourite of the D. in L. so peace reigns.

By all accounts, the battle tomorrow will be lost and won at the breakdown and in the air. I hope Elliot Daly is up to it…


This year I may try a new reward/ punishment system for 6 Nations boozing.

Starting with a decent mid-priced bottle and going down a step if England lose and up if they win.

Ill need to make some selections whilst in the pub tonight, but I’ve got the perfect win if England lose 5! The nasty Moser XV, I think it’ss what they use at Dignitas?


To date the only wine I’ve ever poured down the sink. And that was because I was concerned that drinking the rest of the bottle would produce a Dignitas-esque outcome…

As for the tournament, let’s see how long it takes for Wales to crush my hopes :grimacing:


Happy, @Herbster?

Wales won’t be gifted a win like that again for some time! And they probably won’t play as badly as that for a while too!

An entertaining game, let’s hope for a good opening weekend all round!


I imagine the Moser XV was out of the cupboard at half time, corkscrew in hand…


I think the team clubbed together to buy Huget a case…!


I’ll take any win we can get! What a bizarre game. At least it didn’t go on for 300 minutes with 87 reset scrums in stoppage time or whatever it was the other year…

Now I just need to fill in those cracks that appeared in the wall where I was banging my head against it at half time :open_mouth:

I fear it’ll be coming back out of the cupboard before this tournament is over :persevere:


Well, that was unexpected. I always felt if England played well that they’d give Ireland a good run, bit I didn’t quite expect a performance like that!


Me neither :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::shamrock:️:shamrock:️:shamrock:️:clinking_glasses: