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6 May 2022 is International Sauvignon Blanc Day!

I didn’t know, but have been informed by two emails received today that 6 May is International Sauvignon Blanc Day.

It won’t change our plans - we (nearly) always have Sauvignon Blanc on Fridays, and Villa Maria is already in the fridge.

But will it change yours?


I will stick to what I had carefully planned already…Chenin blanc, Thibaud Boudignon…or perhaps a Montagny 1er cru from Jean Marc Pillot…or maybe an Alsace Riseling from Domaine Grange de mon Oncle Charles…or as it is so warm a glass of Champagne on our terrace admiring my handiwork on the newly painted back door…or there again perhaps a glass of Chablis might be more relaxing.
My careful planning can involve a severe case of indecision. I only have one bottle of Sauvignon blanc from Spotteswoode; must open it at some point.

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For other things to mark today:


Gah. I missed it being no pants day today.