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6 bottles to convince someone to love New World reds?


Hi all,

We recently welcomed Steve, aka @sghowe, to the Community and in his welcome message he mentioned he struggled to find pleasing New World wines :wine_glass::

Spanish and Italian wines are always a delight but I do struggle with new world wines and I must admit I have yet to find any that I don’t need gaviscon to wash it down. I’m open to offers for help here.

I said I reckon we could change his mind, so he’s asked for a mixed case of recommendations:

So, you like a challenge. Well, could you work out a recommended case for me with a range of light to full bodied red wines please and I’ll give them a go.

I reckon there’s lots of you here with some diamond suggestions, so I thought I’d start a new topic so we can help Steve (hopefully!) find some New World reds to fall in love with!

I’ll go first - here’s six NW reds I love:

I’ve enjoyed a lot of this peppery, juicy dark berry-packed New Zealand red over the last year. I’ve still got one bottle left and now really want to open it this weekend!

I don’t have a huge list of South African reds I love (probably worth its own topic, tbf) but the Percheron range always hits the spot. I can’t quite believe this is £6.25.

It had to be done. :smile: This wine is so popular around these parts it should probably have its own fan club so I’ll let everyone else explain why they love this wine so much. I just think it’s beautifully smooth and complex and a rare treat to drink a more mature wine for this price.

A lovely light option and another regular go-to red for me. Charming, juicy pinot for light dishes.

This has been a hit with Society staff for as long as I can remember and we always buy it to sip on its own over the Christmas holidays. Chocolatey and luxurious and a wine that demands your full attention.

Just yay. Super drinkable and enjoyable Aussie shiraz and the kind of wine you know you can rely on if you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing bottle to take to a friend’s house.

That’s it from me! Over to you guys… :smiley:

Hello! :) Introduce yourself

Excellent choices there @laura and I wouldn’t disagree with any of them. I haven’t tried the McManis Petite Sirah or Hawke’s Bay Shiraz, but both are on the wish list due to glowing reviews on here and the main site.

There are a couple of others I’ve really enjoyed that I’d definitely recommend.

For South Africa, you can’t go wrong with either of the following:

This was showcased at one of the #TWStaste events last year, and I’ve been back for more a couple of times since. Complex, spicy and fruity - lots of wine for the money.

Classy - great with red meat. Very nice indeed!

I want to big-up the TWS Chilean range as well. The Society Merlot and Cabernet are both really good at the lower end of the price range, but their big brothers in the Exhibition range are outstanding:

In general, though, I haven’t had a bad Chilean red from TWS with the Concha y Toro or Koyle names on them. Lots of good wines to experiment with!


My choice: Hamilton Russell pinot noir from SA. (and the chardonnay is fab too)


6 reds that I have particularly enjoyed in recent years (if I knew how to post the links I would):

Koyle Costa Pinot Noir
Spice Route Chakalaka
Rustenberg John X Merriman
Catena Malbec
Brazin Zinfandel
Bonny Doon Cigare Volant

Any of these are worth a try, though not all are necessarily easy to find!




Admittedly, I haven’t had the 2014s of these (the current release) but here are a couple for the case based on the 2013s…

Old-school claret style:

Swish and perfectly proportioned:


I’ve just read through the above and in my head has been a commentry of “yes, yep, absolutely” etc. A few others I thought of were

And finally

Don’t be put off by its more affordability; it’s a real cracker!


and this…


Laura, I’ve ordered all 6 and can’t wait to try them. They arrive on Friday. I think the shiraz sounds as though it will go with a Moroccan dinner party on Saturday.


I’d also suggest the reds from Boekenhoutskloof if you can manage to get any from the tiny allocation the society gets. Penfolds St. Henri is also a great wine with age although the price of it has escalated in the past years.


Many thanks, I’ll look out for it


I love this Paso Robles one:

And also Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfandel, which you can get in quite a few places.


SO excited to hear this!! I really hope you love them - let us know what you think of the Shiraz? :smiley:

These were precisely the two bottles I was considering for my list that didn’t quite make the top 6! Meerlust is always a winner, and I had a case of the Tahbilk CS too alongside the Trinity Hill Syrah and it was sooooooo goooood. You’re right - perfectly proportioned. A joy to drink. :relaxed:


Yep, bought a case in the summer savings last year! Got six left, plus three in a mixed case in reserves, just to see how it ages.

I keep meaning to give this a go. Kiwi syrah is on my Must Drink It More Often list.


TWS says Now labelled as ‘Wine of Origin Swartland’, proof that all the grapes come from this popular, warm, shiraz and mourvèdre-friendly region.

I’m going to be pedantic about the use of the word ‘proof’; surely what is proof would be The Wine & Spirit Board’s seal on the neck of the bottle, with numbers that can be checked on their website that proves the origin of the wine inside a bottle. The Wine & Spirit Board’s seal shows not only that the wine has been monitored from vineyard to bottle, but also that the wine was tasted blind and approved as properly made and varietally correct and guarantees the accuracy of the label.

The Percheron does not have a seal because it was bulk shipped and bottled in France before arriving in UK.

No doubt what the label says is correct, but I don’t see it as proof


How did you get on with the Prophets Rock? As a huge fan of C Otago Pinots I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed by it


I cannot claim I know Central Otago too well. The only other one I had was Judge Rock and thinking about it here is a fair chance I am confusing the two… I have now a Felton Riad mixed case in reserves,which I am looking forward to.


I doubt you’ll be disappointed with those. Having tasted most of the range the only one I didn’t get on with brilliantly was the Vin Gris, but I suspect that is an acquired taste. Their tasting room and vineyards are stunning and an experience not to miss if you ever have the opportunity

Back on topic (sorry!) - there are some great recommendations already. I suspect the question is aimed at “everyday” wines or at least ones that you might have with some regularity? The Te Tera Pinot Noir from Martinborough vineyards is a steal from the WS. I’ve also had great Shiraz from Journeys End (SA), Wakefield (Barossa), Skillogalee (Clare valley) all at reasonable prices

At the higher end I’d suggest these are as good if not better than many a new world wine:

McRae Wood (Jim Barry), Clare Valley Shiraz. Also the PB Siraz / Cab
Amon Ra (Glaetzer), Barossa Shiraz
Zinfandel from Ridge or Turley
Work of Time (Springfield), SA Bordeaux blend
Artemis (Stags Leap), Napa Cabernet


@NickP ,I recognise a lot of enotria wines in here…:rofl: (No bad thing)


I had to Google what you meant there. Looks like a trade only operation? Always interested in new wine sources!