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6 Bottle Delivery Trial

A test order of beers? Noble research!


Tbf, £75 is the lowest i’ve seen anywhere for free delivery. I would only ever order £75+ to get the free delivery though as mentioned above this would rarely be above 6 bottles anyway.

It does help that I’m about to order 6 bottles of bubbly for work and tag a couple of cheeky ones of my own into it as part of free delivery :blush:


Couldn’t find a better place for this.

I have a £74 order. Wouldn’t it be great if I could give the WS a £1 ‘tip’ to get it up to £75 and the free delivery?

Would save me buying another bottle I’m not after to use up space I don’t currently have and would also save the WS team picking that extra bottle.

Clearly in the end I’ll add another bottle but this functionality would be nice!


Interesting idea. You could also add 1 tin or bottle of beer, but the danger is it then upgrades you to a dozen sized box rather than the half-box.

As a WS newbie, I only became aware of the 6 bottle free delivery today. I don’t know if I was ever told about this but I’ve not made use of it knowingly. I don’t think £75 plus or 6 bottles for free delivery is too bad even when my ‘offer’ expires in a couple of weeks. Even Aldi nowadays sting you for delivery, and bizarrely with no set spend that gives it to you free.


There should be a range of low priced, WS items (accessories or drinks) that could take one over the top of the £75 mark.
I think that Amazon had something like it!?!
The ability to make say a small Charitable donation to get one there, would do some good in the world.
eBay offer me the opportunity of a Charitable Donation after a purchase, which quite often I go for. :dragon:


Not an issue for me since I almost never place an order for less than £75.

I didn’t notice this thread was so old initially and went off to look at the current delivery setup and, @laura or @Kelly, I discovered that currently the “How to order” and “Delivery & Collections” links both from the bottom of the page and from the sitemap all come up with page not found.


Oh dear, thanks for letting us know, Mike! I think that might be a casualty of the new website work going on - it’ll be fixed when the new site launches shortly. :smiley:

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Thank you! yeh these are good right but they are not 100% margin to the WS which was what i thought would be a good idea. Maybe it was poorly thought through late at night.

No, I like the idea, but in the absence of that, I thought I’d share a couple of my bumper-uppers. The cloth is also useful because as @VinoVeritas says a can of beer can bump you up to a larger box which is less friendly.

Related note: I have a few spare cloths if anyone would like one…


it’ll be fixed when the new site launches shortly.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have a PhD in Geology but TWS definition of ‘shortly’ stretches even my credulity when it comes to website launches!