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6 Bottle Delivery Trial

I’m certainly working on it… and fun sort of ‘work’ it is, too :wink:

Agreed it was great to have the option but the £75 is a pretty reasonable free delivery threshold anyway

I tend to try to pop in to the WS in person to have a proper browse and see if there is anything of interest that isn’t on the website. Not quite sure why if you pre- order to collect you save 25p a bottle but if you turn up and pick your own order you don’t get this concession. That said at 25p a bottle I probably won’t lose too much sleep!


I used it all the time! I haven’t got that much space for keeping wine and we tend to drink max 3/4 bottles per week so a 6 bottle case every 2 weeks was perfect! Sad times…

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I see the 6 bottle delivery is free for new members for the first six months; interesting.

Ah! That would explain why I wasn’t charged delivery the other day! Mystery solved! :+1:

WHAT?? :tired_face::scream::scream::scream:totally unfair :expressionless:

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Yes, I concur! Maybe it’s a way of enticing new members to give different/new wines a go before committing to full cases… Not that much cajoling is required where I’m concerned!!

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That’s a bit naughty. Either offer it or don’t.

For long standing members to be subsidising new ones is unfair.

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Well, as a new member - who is hoping to be a long standing member - I can honestly say that I would be delighted to subsidise future new members, if it means more people get a chance to experiment, dip their metaphorical toe in the water and enjoy expanding their knowledge. The offer is only for the first six months, and more people on this thread thought it was pointless anyway…?


@kieran_h @Leah @Andy999 the 6 bottle free delivery for the first 6 months for new members has been going long before the general 6 bottle free delivery was trialled.

You know I’m cool about the new member thing. It really doesn’t affect me, not a new member and won’t be order 6 bottles under £75. Come on. Get with the programme. Most merchants have a much higher minimum order for free delivery.


I got a mailing today and noticed the conditions for new members; hadn’t noticed them before. I don’t particularly care either way about the 6 bottle limit, but I do think it’s a bit odd to treat different members differently.

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I’m amazed to see the range of responses here. Personally, I’m very much with Juan - I used it all the time and will be sad to see it gone. I also think that an incentive to get new members ordering is no bad thing.

I never did introduce myself to the community, but in short I’m a final year medical student and so my budget doesn’t tend to stretch very far. I recently put in my first 12-bottle order and even that (albeit including a couple of beers) didn’t break the £75 mark.

I’ve just had a look at the other wine merchants I occasionally use, Yapp Brothers. They’re based in the same village as my parents, so I pop in every now and again when I’m home. Their rules are free delivery over £100, but then £1 per bottle (as opposed to TWS’s £0.25) discount on orders for collection.

Food for thought…

It’ll be very interesting to see the long-term outcome of the trial run!


Welcome Bertie.


Surely you can see that the commercial reality is that if people are ordering 6 bottles of £7-£8 wine, then courier fees will erode all margin, and as a co-operative other members will have to foot the bill?

I agree with others also that it is a good idea as an introductory offer to show off what TWS does. However, after that, business logic should play a part. I reluctantly bought some Cornas from a merchant that has a £250 minimum, and they are far from alone, so TWS having a £75 threshold is not draconian.


For info, we set up this threshold in 1991(!), reviewed it earlier this year and decided to stick with it for the foreseeable.


Hi Bertie,

Good news! The minimum delivery is actually 12 bottles OR £75 or more in value, so as long as there’s 12 bottles or more on your order, you’ll get free delivery, regardless of whether it’s worth £75 or not. :grinning:

You could even just order 12 beers and you won’t be charged extra for delivery. I just did a test order of beers to make sure:


Hope that helps. :relaxed:


Thank you for that! Yeah, I didn’t get charged delivery for my order, but I was just amused that while some people were saying their orders of 6 bottles are always more than £75, my 12 bottle order still wasn’t that much.

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Hi! Yeah, I totally see your point - the cost of any freebies or discounts like that is borne by all of us. But I also think that consumers are getting used to increasing levels of convenience. In a world of online supermarket shopping, free delivery from Amazon and, more directly, free delivery for 6 bottles from Majestic, TWS will have to keep up if it is to retain its customers/members and stop them from shopping elsewhere.

It’s a difficult balance to strike, and I’m sure that somewhere in Stevenage the debate is being hammered out in great detail!


sounds very Conradian!

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