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6 Bottle Delivery Trial


I notice that The Society recently (well, within the past month) have stopped their trial of free delivery for orders of greater than 6 bottles - it’s now gone back up to 12 bottles.

TWS will obviously be conducting review of how the trial has gone, but I’d be interested to hear what people here thought. How many of us used the 6 bottle minimum? Did you find you ordered more frequently as a result? Would you be more inclined to send a parcel of 6 bottles as a present, say, if the delivery was free?

I know I took advantage of it a lot - we probably drink 3 bottles a week on average in our house, and having to order 12 at a time means that there’s a bit more foresight needed, especially if ordering wine to go with the food at a dinner party.


I used it and thought it very useful.


Loved the idea but didn’t get a chance to try it out


Are you sure that’s the case (no pun intended!)?.. I made an order a few days ago - 6 bottles - delivered today to a local shop for free.
I’d definitely be disappointed if this is stopped. It’s not always possible to plan 12 bottles ahead, and there’s something nice about a cheeky mid month order of 6 bottles, which doesn’t break the bank…


There’s no mention of it on the site so I guess it has stopped. I can’t say I’ve benefited from it though - I order in 12s and the only time I haven’t, I was ordering nicer bottles that put me over the £75 threshold anyway.


Unfortunately it has been stopped I’m afraid; did your order meet the £75 threshold as that would avoid the £5 minimum order charge as does if you’ve ordered one of our pre-mixed 6 bottle cases.


Just checked the invoice, and I was definitely not charged for delivery. The total was under £75, and it wasn’t a pre-mixed case… I guess it was a system error…? When was this changed? And who do I pay the £5 to…? :blush:


Oh :thinking: that may well be a little system glitch there. I wouldn’t worry about the £5 but if you really want to pay it just give us a call tomorrow :slight_smile:


Ahhh, what’s £5 amongst friends? :wink:
I’ll call tomorrow :+1:


I found it really useful as if I wanted something specific and didn’t want to order 12 and under £75 it was ideal … won’t put me off ordering though but i definitely encouraged more frequent ordering :+1:


I used it and thought it was great - however more often than not we go over the £75 threshold.


I can’t see me ordering 6 bottles under £75. Life’s too short.


@russ sooo true :joy:


Personally I thought it was very useful and used it 3 or 4 times. Great when you wanted to have a bottle or two of one wine to drink now with the rest to look forward to in the future, but without having to get through 12 of the same; it encouraged me to try a wider range of wines than usual. I understand that it would make deliveries more expensive, but it’s a pity nonetheless.


I didn’t use it and won’t miss it. While it has to be a commercial decision for TWS as to its benefit, I can’t imagine any circumstance when I’d want to choose just six bottles from such a list.


Twas a good idea.

I used it today, but as said above my order was well over the required spend.


I used it quite a few times, but I never really expected it to become a permanent thing and the free delivery over £75 is great anyway.


Quite! And I agree that in most circumstances an order would exceed £75 any way, BUT, it was nice to have the option to top up on more day to day quaffers, of which the society has many around £10 or less. Having said that, I accept it might not be financially viable, and a fiver is a small price to pay for the occasional order under £75


Well, just called the office, but they refused to take my money… so I guess it was just luck this time :wink:


Good customer and all :wink::wink: