$558,000+ for a bottle of 1945 la romanee-conti

Would you if you could?

Rich (poor)


I would buy a cheaper DRC wine… even if I could. I saw someone buy a full suite of DRC magnums of 2005 for around £100k. That I would if I could.


I’d buy rare whisky instead :wink:!

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Would want to be pretty certain it hadn’t spent anytime in Rudy Kurniawan’s cellar first!


Society Gold :1st_place_medal:


Or with one of his authentic, home made labels stuck on the front.

In a word - No.
Nothing can (or should) taste this expensive. There’s something a little obscene about the whole thing… :confused:


Sorry that’s just plain silly, and probably would taste appalling. Besides who would drink it? It’s simply become an investment vehicle; gambling on it selling for even more next time around.

As far as I can see it has nothing whatsoever to do with wine and such an obscene amount of money could do far more good in the world than being spent on a 75 year old bottle of (probably) vinegar.

Sorry I’ll remove my grumpy old man hat now!


Anyone read the Jancis interview in Noble Rot? They asked her about a particular wine in her cellar if she’s going to drink it or sell it, and she said what would I do with the money, buy more wine? :joy:


This discussion reminds me of a really sad (that’s the only adjective that comes to mind) story mentioned by Andrew Jefford in one of his editorials.

It involved Ronaldo and two very expensive bottles if wine, which he purchased during a 15 minute visit to a bar, and never finished. The questions Jefford raised were about aesthetic pleasure, buying something because you can and it has an iconic status and the sad act of wastefulness. I can’t find Jefford’s article on-line (I think the feature was called ‘Label Drinking’), but here’s the story:

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Well hats off to Ronaldo for downing at least one full bottle in 15 mins. That takes some dedication!


What gets me is the distracted nature of the whole thing. This wasn’t about wine appreciation - especially considering the amount spent. At the risk of sounding a bit farty - there’s something of the cultural philisinism about it.
Jefford said in his piece that he hoped the staff had finished the other bottle… Amen to that!

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I once met Ronaldo is a hotel in Baku, they were there for an international game, I’d just come out of the gym with a friend and we were having a coffee . He swaggered across the foyer to us, threw some chat up lines at us and we promptly got up and left …! Looks like his decorum hasn’t changed .


Typical celebrity poor form! Remember Micael Winner? Hadn’t got a clue (or as it turned out any money) but bought on price only.

I love reading about the ludicrous amounts of money these celebrities spend in restaurants and clubs (Cristal for instance) and think how idiotic they are.


Absolutely. I do hope the staff got to finish it.

Bet his ego was a little dented-if he remembers anything about it.

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nah, keep it on Mike…all true. More money than sense.


Maybe he’d just had a bad game and needed a little ’tonic’ Lol

There is a good documentary on Netflix about him called sour grapes.

Apparently, he could identify so many different types of wine accurately.

Ended up 10 years inside and rough estimates put the amount of his counterfeit wines in collectors cellars in the thousands.

I doubt it… he’ll just have moved on… NEXT :sweat_smile: