50th birthday wine recommendations

I’ve never had a bad (through storage) bottle that I’ve bought there.

Very disappointed - you should also have a pair of slippers, a new duvet, some Danish pastries and windscreen wipers ! Favourite family game is spot the strangest mixed trolley whilst you walk round …keeps a 9 year old entertained


best let me know if there are any specials on !!:joy:

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I dunno, you’re the secret Costco stalker :joy::joy::+1:.

which is why I won’t discuss the" how many hours" thread would make me look a right skin flint !:joy::joy::joy: !


Yes, trolley contents were interesting! However if I think about it more, perhaps the strangest might have been a whole load of frozen shrimps (or whatever), gargantuan packs of kitchen wipes (or . . . etc etc) and a £60 Burgundy. It’s the last one that I find the most incongruous in a discount warehouse and, before Leah mentioned it, I had no idea you could get such a bottle there (or a decent Pauillac). I’ll try for the slippers next time.


They have a very wide range…barefoot to GC, First growths etc.

They also do occasional special events - Bdx EP (but at a strange time of year!) and last was a burgundy event…will try and add a pic of the price list so it gives you some idea of the range. EDIT - pic added “2016 burgundy event from December 2018”

Also worst noting, each warehouse has some different lines - I may well call into Watford as I head out of London later today :slight_smile: