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50th birthday wine recommendations


The Zilliken Auslese is insanely good - my favourite wine at the Germany tasting earlier this year.


I’d really caution against 2012 classed growth Claret, especially in magnum, if to be drunk soon - I had Batailley 2005 a couple of months back and it took about two hours to open up. Delicious though.


Leah, do you think that Costco wine storage will have been suitable for wines such as this: suitable temperatures over longer periods, etc etc?? It’s certainly a good price if so . . . Batailley is a wine I’d v much like to try, even if the 2012 needs a bit longer before doing so.


I had the 2009 La Lagune recently and it was drinking really well.

I agree though that a 2012 in magnum may be a bit young, It should be opening up in normal bottle size now though.


The magnum on the list, fwiw is a 2008:


I share the concern over the 2012 and was thinking of the magnum which is 2008 as pointed out by @tom.

However I see there are a range of back vintages at L&W:



Just perusing the L&W site and saw this 2009 Château Durfort-Vivens which is a great vintage and drinking well now.


Tasting notes here - https://www.farrvintners.com/wine.php?wine=25919


Any wines I’ve ever purchased from them have never had a problem. I’m imagining their storage is quite cool , their range has increased over the past few years and whilst they stock a lot of cheaper wines they have upped their game on the fine wine side. Their prices are really really competitive and in most cases less expensive than most other retailers for the same wine and vintage.


I agree with that. I’ve bought a number of bottles of wine ranging between £15-£30 per bottle and have never had any problems with them.


Haven’t been to Costco for years now (my friend gave up her membership), but I wouldn’t worry much about storage. Just back from Sicily, where I discovered a couple of wine shops with (quality) local wines of 15 to 20 years old, which had been stored in the shop for a number of years at ambient temperature (probably above 25 degrees for at least the summer months). All the ones I tried were in excellent shape.


I wonder how much this ties in with the post on keeping wines in the fridge?

The chemist in me wants to look at the reaction rates of wine being aged/spoiling and seeing how temperature dependent they are and in what ranges. I suspect cork drying out/air contact and light are actually far more damaging to wine than being kept at within a reasonable room temperature (or fridge) range throughout most of Europe.


Many thanks for all your thoughts on Costco etc storage conditions. I’ll see what the one nearest me has and, if good news on that front, hope to go there soon with a pal who has a card . . . .


Thanks again Leah, I went to Costco today and the Batailley '12 was indeed £36, so got I three. That’s significantly less than TWS without being on any sort of offer. The store’s temperature seemed to me ideal for wine, so the only issue was to get out without spending the saving on the wine on something else, though I did also come away with a gallon of olive oil. Now I just have to stick the bottles away and try to forget about them for a few years.


Glad you managed to get some :wink:, I’ll be taking a trip at the weekend again to see what wine treasures they have in store .


I’ve never had a bad (through storage) bottle that I’ve bought there.

Very disappointed - you should also have a pair of slippers, a new duvet, some Danish pastries and windscreen wipers ! Favourite family game is spot the strangest mixed trolley whilst you walk round …keeps a 9 year old entertained


best let me know if there are any specials on !!:joy:


I dunno, you’re the secret Costco stalker :joy::joy::+1:.


which is why I won’t discuss the" how many hours" thread would make me look a right skin flint !:joy::joy::joy: !


Yes, trolley contents were interesting! However if I think about it more, perhaps the strangest might have been a whole load of frozen shrimps (or whatever), gargantuan packs of kitchen wipes (or . . . etc etc) and a £60 Burgundy. It’s the last one that I find the most incongruous in a discount warehouse and, before Leah mentioned it, I had no idea you could get such a bottle there (or a decent Pauillac). I’ll try for the slippers next time.


They have a very wide range…barefoot to GC, First growths etc.

They also do occasional special events - Bdx EP (but at a strange time of year!) and last was a burgundy event…will try and add a pic of the price list so it gives you some idea of the range. EDIT - pic added “2016 burgundy event from December 2018”

Also worst noting, each warehouse has some different lines - I may well call into Watford as I head out of London later today :slight_smile: