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500mL bottles


I like the 50cl size, it’s just right for lunch or for one at dinner.

There have been several posts here about the desirabiity of smaller bottle sizes.

The following from Springfield Estate then will be of interest.

The 500ml format also worked wonderfully for us in hotels and minibars …The biggest challenge with this size packaging is, unfortunately, the cost. While the contents cost proportionally less, the production costs remain the same regardless of bottle size. We tried to circumnavigate this by subsidising the packaging on the 500ml bottle, so that the price of the smaller bottle would be exactly two thirds of a full sized one.

However, the costs of the 500ml bottles have risen astronomically over the years, with the smaller bottle now actually costing five times more than a standard 750ml bottle. Our decision to subsidise the packaging has become unsustainable, and unfortunately this means that we have no choice but to discontinue the Life from Stone and Whole Berry in the 500ml bottles.

Sprinfgield Estate is listed by TWS for their wonderful ‘Life from Stone’ savvie - tho’ in 75cl bottle.

(my bolding emphasise - original press release here


Five times is a substantial increase!
Agree on the good size of c.500ml. I believe Pol Roger announced they would bring back the pint bottle after Brexit; and Rathfinny Estate (English sparkler) have laid down pint 800 bottles too. It’s a good size (as Churchill reportedly said “enough fizz for two at lunch or one at dinner”).
Simon Berry at BBR has tried to persuade wine-makers to re-introduce the pint bottle for years, and it appears to be an EU issue that prevents it.


Very interesting. I’d often wondered why more wines aren’t offered in 500ml bottles, or one litre bottles for that matter, now I know. Thanks for posting.


I can recommend Portuguese Colares Arenae Ramisco that comes in 50cl. bottles. Bit pricey, though.


Yes, there is a discussion on this here somewhere - I’ll see if I can locate it.

There was indeed a great standardisation of available bottle sizes in EU measures. I believe that to be a good thing. However, without checking (I remember @robert_mcintosh getting chapter and verse on this) there doesn’t seem to have been much appetite for a sparkling standard at around the 500ml mark, let alone the 568ml. mark, so the size lapsed.

A shame really, though the comments on the lack of demand for 500ml. bottles of still wine does tend to confirm that it would be a seriously minority interest.

(edited to add - found the thread concerned! Here’s a link to it -)
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