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50 best wines under £10

In the Sunday Telegraph Victoria Moore listed her 50 of the best spring red and white wines for £10 and under

As you’d expect, TWS has a good showing, and I was pleased to see several wines I have already had the foresight to get are among them.


Had the Delas recently… Very good for price


Tesco Ringbolt is great from WA (Oz) - even better when - 25% :shushing_face:


I was going to throw Kanonkop into th mix… .but just seen that the price of magnums has gone up.

It’s our house red

Which Kanonkop - they make at least 8?

Kadette… Sadly we don’t have and endless supply of the Paul Sauer as an everyday drinker :slight_smile:

There are 4 Kadettes: Rose, Pinotage, Cabernet & Cape Blend.

Assuming you mean the Cape Blend, which is sold in magnum by TWS currently at £21 then I suggest you look to Tesco who have the bottle at £11 with 25% off if you buy six, or £8.25 each, thus two bottles (which equals one magnum) will cost just £16.50

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Aldi makes a good showing as well. Whereas I’ve ceased being tempted by Lidl, even their “pricier” examples, as they are at best, ordinary, I must confess I’ve yet to have a disappointing bottle from Aldi. It’s not my go-to source of wine by a long chalk but a reliable purveyor when you don’t want to splash out (or crack open a special bottle when there’s less appreciative company to entertain !)

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Did you try any of their seasonal offerings which were quite limited in number and quantity? I recall a couple of pretty decent ones a year or so ago…haven’t tried them since.


In the past when I’ve seen in the papers a recommendation for an Aldi bargain I’ve asked my son to get the wines for me in his local Aldi and he’s always come back to me to say that they weren’t in his shop.

But now an Aldi has just opened in Snorbens. I haven’t been there yet, but when I’ve had my second inoculation I might!

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Another vote for those!

Although I don’t ever bother with the ‘regular’ Lidl offerings, their periodical ‘Wine Tours’ offer much more interes, and they often have a good nose in terms of what is ‘on trend’ (awful term).

In the past this included delicious Grüner Veltliner from Pfaffl as well as from Cantina Valle Isarco in Alto Adige, Very good Albariño aged in barrique (last year), excellent Godello, the occasional decent offering from Alsace, Zibbibo from Sicily and the occasional interesting sweetie from Germany - not to mention their Ice wine around Xmas time. I also had a surprisingly good Bolgheri and a Spätburgunder made by Alte Vogtei de Ravensburg in Baden.

I periodically shop there for wine, when I know there is a Wine Tour with a theme I like.


Yes; agree that is an occasional issue; WGIG I think they call it. I was searching for a very highly reviewed Assyrtiko a few months ago but none of the Aldis in Norwich or its environs seemed to have it when I tried to buy a few, but then you start wondering what a twerp you are burning all that petrol in vain just or some wine !

Hey Ho, luckily there’s always another bargain round the corner. The Aldi wine products website is not worth bothering with, lines are often sold out and they seem focused on quick turnaround in-store.

Not enough to claim to be an authority on the matter. But I posted an example a week or so ago comparing Lidl vs Aldi current Rias Baixas albarinos. The Aldi is much more enjoyable and true to type. But this could be a random fluctuation !

As Inbar helpfully reminded me, the wines we were both thinking of at Lidl were in the periodic Wine Tours offerings, which were a cut above the regular range, both in quality and price, but still pretty good value. I recall the Godello being VG and also the Alto Adige Italian. Quite a nice Spanish red too from memory, can’t recall where from.

I haven’t compared the regular range with Aldi side by side.

I think if you’re talking about the regular bottling - I totally agree. The Lidl one is pretty dull and one-dimensional. But the one Lidl featured on the Wine Tour last year was - I thought - excellent, and very good vfm for an oak fermented Albariño.

Seems Lidl have kicked off another wine tour

Lidl Wine Tour Spring 2021 | wine-pages (wine-pages.com)

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That Fleurie is a regular feature on recent Wine Tours and is just a lovely mid-week drop! :+1:

Thanks Peter,

Apologies yet again; yes I meant the cape blend.

Good tip on the Tesco front!

We’re actually exiled in the US at the moment but fortunately our local wine Megastrore is selling is selling it for $10.40 which comes in at about GBP7.60 duty paid.

I’m finding that the US excessively discounts SA wines (say vs the UK) and so there are some great bargains to be had.

Sadly however, none of this compares to the R45/bottle we were buying it for when we lived in Johannesburg… a little under GBp 3 per bottle!!

Yes, just popped three Morellino di Scansan in the shopping bag while my wife went back to work. Sorry - I meant while I was getting some milk. Looks interesting (the wine, not the milk.)

Prices are expensive in the UK as a result of tax. Not only is there a straight £2.23 per bottle but also 20% VAT on top. Prices in USA don’t have that and although shops do not display to actual price because sales tax is added at the till, but sales tax - which varies by state/county/city - isn’t often more than 5%

I guess that was some time ago, it’s now 120 Rand at the winery, about $8.10 USD or £5.90 GBP.

What State are you in, are there any decent local wines?