5 wines for your special Christmas?

My count is 490 bottles from Rhone EP 15&16.

You had better take your own advice and get drinking Taffy :rofl:


I’m going to have a good try tonight!:wink:

Purely as a learning experience I am prepared to go the extra mile to help you. :rofl:


Decided on the Exhibition Hermitage 2010!
After a stressful and difficult day yesterday and virtually no sleep last night (Don’t ask, but never, ever get Curry’s Knowhow crew do an installation of a 49" 4K Panasonic TV, a Panasonic Blue ray DVD recorder and build the stand for same) they made a complete hash of the wiring at the back of TV and I had to move it all to the centre of the lounge, figure out what they did wrong and then put it right.
So my prize tonight is the 2010, if it is no good I will move swiftly onto a bottle of the 2005. Failing that the 2007 and if I’m still unhappy, a bottle of the Exhibition Crozes 2015. :wink::wink:
Now where is that Samaritans number?? A joke, I promise you. I used to volunteer for them many moons ago, so am happy to invoke them in a humorous context!!:smile::smile::smile::wink:

Opened the 2014 Exhibition by mistake!! Doh!!
You really couldn’t make it up!!:cry::cry:


Would love to know how you get on with this as I have a couple in the cellar :wink:.

As it stands my five for Christmas are…

  1. Cremant de Jura, Aldi
  2. Amarone Corte Giara 2014
  3. Cote-Rotie Le Combard, Gilles Barge 2013
  4. Macon Villages Blanc, Talmard 2017
  5. Lirac Rouge le Fermade, Maby 2016

It is probable that I will not drink them all, because my oldest son and my son in law both have a tendency to shower me with choice wines.



I’ll report back on how it goes. Other vintages have been consistently good, but we’re out of anything older.

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Changes may well occur, but currently it’s looking like:

Hambeldon Classic Cuvee
Rioja El Piadoso 2008
Coteaux du Layon Saint Aubin, Domaine Cady 2016
Bleasdale The Wise One
Albourne Estate Rose the Noir 2015

Plenty more nice ones lined up, but very much looking forward to the above mentioned :clinking_glasses:


That’s the last of the wine arrived today, the WS van driver would be relieved when he left my house…also a half case of Musar 1999 from the Sampler.

Still deciding the exact line up for Christmas but it is likely to include:

Laherte Champagne or Hambledon
Alsace PG - either Weinbach or Boxler
Alsace Gewurztraminer
Pinot Noir - had a Domaine Arbelet Pernand Vergelesses last year and it worked pretty well with the turkey and all the rest. Might try it again
A CNdP from 09/10

Both the Alsace whites can come back well with the cheeseboard if we ever make it that far.