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3 x 6 Spiegelau glasses for £39


at T K Maxx

Forumites will most likely have all the wine glasses they need*, but if you know of someone setting up house or in need, I noticed two large Spiegelau boxes each containing 6 x Bordeaux, 6 x white wine and 6 x Champagne flutes for £39 at my local - St Albans - TK Maxx shop.

at under £2.20 each its a bargain for Spiegelau

*not the same as want, I know.


They did have them before Christmas too, I wonder if they have any nice decanters?


I haunt TK Maxx for amazing bargains - Riedel glasses appear regularly. My local one is also the only reason why I possess a big Le Creuset casserole.


I have been lurking in TK Maxx for months looking for decanters…no joy but I did pick up some rather nice Riesling glasses for under £15.


Ooooh I feel a trip to the metro centre is imminent :wink::+1:.


@leah My local nearly always have decent decanters; yesterday only 4 and they were on a neighbouring aisle to the wine glasses instead of on the same one.


I think it’s pot luck. Mine rarely has them, and yes, they can be randomly placed too…


Inspired by this post I picked up one of the bumper boxes of glasses today. Mrs jcmwooldridge thought the image on the box made it look like they were giant wine glasses…


They DO look like giant wine glasses, she’s not wrong :rofl:


I’m heading into Inverness this evening so might pop along a little early and check out our TK Maxx (and also our M&S) however I’m not mega hopeful as they don’t tend to put the upmarket stuff in the Inverness shops much :frowning:


There were 2 of these Spiegelau sets in Guildford TK Maxx yesterday. I managed to resist fortunately.


Had a look in Cambridge today but no luck :frowning:


As I suspected nothing in TK Maxx or M&S in Inverness :frowning: In fact Inverness M&S wine selection was appalling; there were only about three reds retailing (just) above the £20 mark and none of these “expensive” ones reduced. There were really very few reds of any quality on sale. I think they actually had more Champagne on sale than red wine.


Like me Mike, if you are not in the Central Belt you choice is poor.


Where are you based?


Scottish Borders


Ahh yes I can see that would be just as bad!


Thanks for the heads up. I how have three complete sets of glasses instead of a mish-mash of odds 'n sods !


And continuing the theme …

Bargain :+1::+1: