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3 Wine Men - Cambridge [10th Nov 2018]


I see TWS are at the Cambridge 3 Wine Men event tomorrow with these wines…

Anyone else planning on going along? I’ll be there, just after England have beaten the All Blacks :astonished:

Haven’t tried many of the wines selected, but are there any I should particularly look out for?


The Soccy White Rioja is outstanding… as is the Alegria Manzanilla. I won’t be there in Cambridge but I will be at the event in Manchester the following weekend.

Optimistic r.e. the rugby but I do think we’ll surprise a few people and make a good game of it!



Looks like a fun event!

Of the ones I tried, I can recommend the Chateau Reynon SB, which is rather nice and delicate:

And the Three Choirs Silver Jubilee, which is a delicious example of an English white:

The Villa Melnik is worth a try, though I wasn’t overly taken with it, and definitely don’t miss the Manzanilla! It’s fantastic! :+1:

Have fun :wink: