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25% off wine at Waitrose Cellar for a week

I opened the Jacky Blot last night (thought it was worth a punt last time they did the 25% off). I think it might be a great wine, but would guess it wants at least another 10 years. At the moment it’s all raging acidity with lanolin aftertaste. I think it’s got the structure to go the distance (though I don’t trust myself to make those judgments), but at the moment it’s certainly not the easiest drink.

Having checked the bottle, it was 2018 - I can’t remember what the website said when I ordered it.


Thanks for the heads up on that, yeah, I thought that might be the case too. Storage here is by no means perfect so I’ll probably nix getting another after your feedback. Much appreciated !

Anybody have experience with the Waitrose house brand champagnes? Thinking of getting some for Christmas :blush:

That was a bit more off-putting than I meant it to be for what it’s worth. It’s interesting to drink even now, and I’m very glad to have had the bottle I had, but at the moment you really have to carefully make yourself taste past the acidity to pick up the flavours that are there. But I certainly wouldn’t recomment anyone buying multiples intending to drink short-term without trying.

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Thanks again, if it’s the 2018 on offer, I might just buy a bottle now and put it aside for a while. I like high acid wines as a rule and it might be good to have something to compare to the 2017 in a couple of years time :slightly_smiling_face:

Had their 2008 vintage as a gift, and it was really quite good. My wife is a massive fan of their Blanc de Blancs, though we haven’t tried their BdN. Their main own brand is fine, and good on offer, but at full price I’d say it’s better to shop around and see if you can get offers bringing other champagnes closer to the price.


Thanks, was thinking of grabbing a few of those vintage champagnes :slight_smile:

Waitrose Blanc de Noirs Brut NV Champagne - came top in Good House keeping . com ‘Best Champagne for Christmas’ review. Please make of this what you will but certainly not negative…

If you like English Sparkling then the Black Dog Hill Classic Cuvee is one of my favourites. £24 after discount is very reasonable.

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Last time they had a similar offer the website got updated through out the week, some wines that were out of stock ended up being back in stock towards the end of the offer


Yep! :+1: another vote for it here. Made by Dermot Sugrue.

Thanks for the recommendation. Never have much experience with English wines. I had some few years back and thought they were quite expensive for what they are.

Might give this one a go with all these raving reviews of the wine!

isn’t that kind…someone else telling you about wine offers ! :rofl:

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I’m not sure … costs me too much money as my willpower in nil right now :see_no_evil::joy:


I think their range is great, I’ve got their house NV - a good champagne for the money, but their blanc de noirs is onLy marginally more Expensive and well worth it, and I had their 08 vintage which is terrific. I Only ever buy at 25% off time.

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Also Waitrose carry Penfolds Max’s Shiraz, and bin 389 which are worth a look at 25%off time.

All these recommendations here is dangerous for my wallet. I’ve seen my basket went from $100 to over $200 now just by visiting this thread!!


I had the ‘08 this weekend. Very good value at £21, so if it’s that or less, get stuck in!


Have gone for a case of at least 50% recommendations from above that I haven’t tried before, along with the old faithful like Musar etc.

Rolf Binder Cabernet blend is very good (currently sold out) I get disappointed by some Australian reds in the uk when relative to 10+ years ago when I started enjoying wine. Probably largely a function of the diminishing pounds value. This is a reminder of why I liked them so much particularly when starting out.

Would have also recommended the Yalumba Signature label but have been disappointed by my last few bottles.

There’s definitely some good wines available amongst those on offer. Thanks for the heads up


I really shouldn’t be thinking about wine at 8AM but I put in an order for the following…

1 x St Laurent 2018, Heinrich Haartl
1 x Zierfandler, Heinrich Haartl ( no vintage specified but back for more )
1 x Montlouis Clos de Mosny 2018, Jacky Blot ( to compare to the 2017 )
1 x Hochheimer Holle Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2017, Kunstler ( back for more )
1 x Soave Vigneti di Foscarino 2017, Inama
1 x Etna Rosso, Le Sabbie dell’Etna 2018, Firriato ( the 2017 was very good )
1 x Gewurztraminer le Secret du Sud 2019. domaine Begude ( enjoyed previously )
1 x Fino ‘On the QT’, Gonzalez Byass ( shame the Amontillado and the Oloroso in the same range are OOS presently )

…hopefully this isn’t indicative of having little better to do for the next four weeks though.