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2021 En Primeur Offer Dates now live!

Is last years languedoc ep somewhere on the website couldnt find it cheers

There was no separate Languedoc EP last year, it was part of the main Rhone EP offer.

I guess because of quantities produced and, probably more importantly, really good marketing by Henschke. That said, I’ve been lucky enough to have several vintages of both. In my opinion at its best HoG may just be my favourite wine ever, but in some vintages I actually prefer the Mount Edelstone, and in some if I were tasting blind I might not be able to tell one from the other. I’d just say that in most vintages Mount Edelstone is the one wine in the world I’d immediately identify blind if its eucalyptus and damson are not dialled down (2009), and in a great year (2005 and hopefully 2012 which I haven’t opened yet) Hill of Grace is an experience like no other. I also have one 1998 Grange left…


I really appreciate this list of EP dates.
It will help me plan expenditure this year.
But there will always be those bottles, be they on the website or unexpected releases that will vie for a piece of our mostly, inflexible budgets.
To help us, even an approximation of what the quality of Regions to be offered, might be helpful to enable meaningful planning.
This year, more than most other years we will be relying on our buyers to steer us in the right direction, as the US based subscription sites reviewers cannot travel to the Regions of their expertise. And given the rapidly deteriorating Covid - 19 situation in the US, they will be basing their opinions on samples that may be not entirely representative. :open_mouth:
2021 will be a year where our buyers will be a font of knowledge. :+1: :dragon:


Bit of background info on Henschke Tappa Pass…

This is just general and 2018 may be different…

Barossa shiraz. All French oak, 30% new. From two vineyards at Tappa Pass and Light Pass respectively.
So Barossa Valley floor as opposed to Eden Valley (elevation/cooler) like HoG and Mt. Ed.

Will be interested to see what price this comes in at as I could be tempted.

Release prices in Australian dollars for previous vintages:
2005 - $63
2007/08 - $80
2009 - $85
2012 - $84
2013/14 - $100
2015/17 - $115

My guess is it will be £240 / 6 IB


How was that vintage in the Barossa Valley?

Having enjoyed the Mount Edelstone recently… I could also be tempted.

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2018 in BV is 10/10 Outstanding


I wish you hadn’t told me that :see_no_evil::joy:


I was just looking at this and “Port 2018 Fladgate Wines” appears on the list twice. Just in case you’d like to pass it along to whoever maintains the list.


Looks like a number of offers have been removed from the list (I think I saw @laura saying that too many of the Languedoc wines were smoke-tainted, so it wasn’t worth having a separate EP offer). Others have been pushed back by a few months, presumably because of difficulties in getting samples etc.

Whilst delays do help me manage my compulsive over-purchasing, there is the odd feeling of agitation of having to wait a few more weeks before I can buy wine that will arrive in this country in a year’s time, and be drunk 10 years hence!