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2020 - The Wine Society Review of the Year

A great video, reflecting the year of the Society and what lies ahead.
Lot’s of topics covered, so something for everyone. :+1: :dragon:

A very comprehensive recap of what 2020 was, plus you can’t beat the arrival of Wi-fi at the Society in 2021, if I understood @SteveF correctly! Hooray!

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The bit that I really like, is that after the losses we have suffered (no more to be said :clap:) due to huge increases in sales, across the board - our current financial position would appear to be capable of paying for the New Warehouse, the New Website and a completely New IT System.
And to kick it all off, our New Website will be with us, in the beginning of Q1 2021. :clap:
That pleases me, no end!! :dragon:

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