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2020 agm

What is the date and venue for the 2020 agm?

Monday 6 July at the QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster SW1P 3EE. No time given yet, but official notification will be made in due course, according to page 2 of Society News, February 2020 issue.


Bumping this. Is there any word on postponement yet or is it still being planned to go ahead?

Given the age profile of the Society I’m rather expecting a postponement, since if we were unlucky we could lose half the Members in one fell swoop!


CL 1904 wrote
“Given the age profile of the Society I’m rather expecting a postponement, since if we were unlucky we could lose half the Members in one fell swoop!”

Do 70,500 members go to the AGM? at the last count there were 141,000 active members .

I’d be quite the party if they/we did! Wembley Stadium?


Yeah, it was a joke.


Its good to have a joke .Even in the most dire of situations humans can joke about it.
In Berlin in the christmas season 1944, a discussion about christmas presents brought the following responce: “Be practical give a coffin!”

Seen in " Berlin the Downfall 1945" by Anthony Beever


Also, I wonder if there Is provision to allow an online AGM, or must all attendees be physically present? This could be viewed as a positive stimulus to increase participation.


Yep, Wembley sounds good. I wonder if we could have a stand up comic slot as well at half time for the members. My contribution would be " I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal Lobotomy"


In the words of Tim Minchin “nothing kills comedy like an arena” (which is unfortunately entirely true, as I witnessed by this being the opening line of his show at the O2).


Oh! I am sorry I suggested it. I was once advised never to start a presentation with an apology. Oh! I am delighted I suggested it.
What about we start the AGM with the chairman announcing that the TWS now has a mascot, which is … a Bordeaux Collie. I think it is ok to apologise at the end of a presentation.


You mean we are going to the dogs.
or is it this.


Or a dog de Bordeaux perhaps?


Ha ha. No I do not think that was the subliminal message. Maybe it was TWS have the flock under control. I liked the sentiments expressed by the Bordeaux Collie business. Enjoy the rest of what here at least is a beautiful evening.

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There should be some more details on this soon - we’ll announce it here as soon as we know more. :slight_smile:

I’m very interested to have my say this year. We have a ceo who believes that wine is not an essential part of our diet. Time for a change…

Yes, let’s ditch that snivelling do-gooder.

Imagine putting the health of employees and their families ahead of selling wine to us members.

He’s obviously got his priorities all wrong and must fall on his sword or be shown the door.

Edit: this is the internet, so just in case that message was unclear, I need to add this emoji :dripping with sarcasm:



(OK, interesting. I wasn’t allowed to post this on its own, not for content reasons but because the forum software is not convinced this is a full sentence).

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good questions - most constitutions don’t have provision for ‘virtual’ meetings…esp AGMs and quorum rules to be adhered to too.

Our Rugby club is thinking of deferring the AGM but in the mean-time no major decisions can be made…as thy would not be constitutional!

No-one could argue that this was not a difficult time and that the society’s logistical problems were huge. Why did he turn it into a moral issue ( like you are doing)? A proper response would have been to explain the situation rationally and ask for patience. Why suggest that selling wine was not essential? When will we have an AGM anyway?