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2019 Cru Beaujolais

The latest temptation.

Looks like a great 6!


Saw this in the France offer booklet and immediately bought - I hardly ever buy Beaujolais for some reason but I’ve enjoyed the crus cases that appear every year and looking forward to diving in!


I’ve not opened the France booklet, because I can resist anything except temptation. I was going to check something in my reserves for a potential call off and saw the 2019 Beaujolais in the bar at the top.

I’m a big fan of all things Gamay, so my combine this with an order of the new vintage of the Te Mata Gamay.


A few cases left, should last the next 6 or 7 days…

I’ve not heard much about Beaujolais 2019, so did a little searching

Sounds just up my street. A rather worrisome last section just screams “Buy more Beaujolais!” to me. No rush to buy 2018 Beaujolais though, sounds like there is loads sloshing about.
Again, positive noises quality-wise
A bit of caution required when choosing what to buy, but I’m happy to consider anything that passes the TWS entrance exam.

I might jump on this. I only began drinking ‘serious’ (ie. cru) Beaujolais a couple of years ago and it was quite a revelation to me. I’ve still neither drunk nor bought any Morgon, Regnie or Brouilly, which seems like a good excuse to add this to the basket!

Must. Resist.

…however now I know this exists it’s gone straight to the wishlist!

In other news, does anyone have a clue when the new Fine Wine List might come out? @laura is this something you can sleuth?


I had a bottle of last vintage a couple of weeks ago and the new vintage went straight on my wish list too.

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Hello! It’ll be Christmas, I believe - we’re doing less Fine Wine Lists this year but lots of lovely Fine Wine activity by email/as part of other printed offers.