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2019 Alsace and Italy releases


Gone live today, c.30 2017 Alsace releases (Ginglinger, Schlumberger, Beyer and various others), and a similar number of Italians (but no verduno pelaverga yet!):


We’ll be attending the Alsace growers Walkaround event in November - so likely to hold off until then, and order favourites from the tasting (with the 10% off as added bonus :grinning:) :+1:


No products showing on either link.


Only the pdf links work at this time, the offers are not yet live on the website. You can also find the individual wines if you then search for them based on the leaflet.


That Schaal Riesling GC gets a 17 from Jancis and it’s £15…

I have quite a bit of Riesling kicking around already but otherwise I would probably put a case into reserves


Sorry - I had been viewing the PDF as Szaki mentions - the wines are definitely there if you just search by region though.


I can’t find anything except this blank page

How do you get to the pdf?

I haven’t received any of the other offers that are being discussed, Australian etc.,

I have just found that although searching for Alsace doesn’ t get anything, going to Alsace, ignoring the search terms on the left, and then putting Alsace 2017 into the search box does work.


Under ‘Browse all wines’, that takes you to the blank page you linked, there is a ‘Download the pdf for this offer’ link for both.


Thank you. That works.

Now I just have to convince TWS that I want to receive offers, and if possible before some of the wines show out of stock.


What is the comment in the offer that Alsace PNs are ‘digestible’ supposed to mean? That the whites are not digestible? That other PNs are not? or just that the TWS couldn’t think of anything else nice to say?


Roero Arneis = 1 happy woman!


Make it 2 :wink:


Regarding the Alsace 2017 offer. New wines have appeared over the last two days that aren’t in the printed offer.

Two from Zind-Humbrecht - Pinot Gris from Clos Windsbuhl and Heimbourg. The Clos Windsbuhl seems to be more than fairly priced too.

Three varietals from Boxler - Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Sylvaner.

And one from Sorg - A Muscat GC Pfersigberg.

As yet, none have a tasting note. I wonder if TWS have anymore surprises up their sleeve ?


Well it IS almost Hallowe’en.


Oh my, that makes me feel queasy. I think I may have contracted a case of coulrophobia !


Just had a look at the Italy Top to Toe.

Three (print) pages for Tuscany and Piedmont, and two for the whole of the rest of Italy. Which kinda sums it up.

As someone who drinks largely Italian wine, it’s really quite a dull list, with Santa Venere the only sign of the creative ferreting which I would expect from the Society.

Where is the “new Sicily” (apart from one wine from a big producer)? Where is Cerasuolo di Vittoria, or maybe a grillo above supermarket level?

Where is Friuli, Italy’s (and one of the world’s) best source(s) of world-class whites? Or Alto Adige/Sudtirol?

There is sooo much good stuff out there, but it clearly isn’t getting through.

I realise most Brits are pretty conservative (hence the preponderance of Tuscany and Piedmont), but honestly I hoped TWS could do better than this.

Bit of a wasted opportunity :slightly_frowning_face:



On a more serious not… I have a shortlist of 3 wines for long term cellaring and was wondering if anyone could share their experience to help me decide which case of six to go for.

Riesling Grand Cru Kitterlé, Domaines Schlumberger 2017
Riesling Grand Cru Kessler, Domaines Schlumberger 2017
Riesling ‘Les Ecaillers’ Grand Cru Pfersigberg, Léon Beyer 2017


In my experience US wine buffs are more clued up on Italian wine than in the UK. Guess its to some degree due to the influence of the large Italian American community. I’ve enjoyed the Santa Venere wines that I’ve had and they are what caught my eye here. I do like Rufina so the Villa de Vetrice wines are tempting.

Agree on the areas that are left out especially Sicily. Would be nice to see some slightly higher end Marche and Abruzzo wines as well.


Where’s the Marche and Abruzzo stuff, Nick?


I haven’t drunk the Schlumberger wines, but I have drunk Dirler-Cadé from both Grands Crus. In our experience the Kitterlé is the lighter and finer of the two, while Kessler is more rounded and fuller. Obviously that’s not a complete help, but might give some steer.

We have drunk lots of the Léon Beyer Les Écaillers, and it’s always the epitome of bone-dry, mineral, long riesling with bags of ageing potential. They target it specifically for oysters and seafood, and it is the perfect match. I haven’t tried the 2017, but I can’t imagine it will be any different from other vintages in that regard.

2017 seems to be shaping up like 2016 to be a year for well structured wines that will age, so I would have no worries about cellaring any of these. 2015s and 2018s are more open and fruity, so will drink well young, but perhaps will peak earlier.

£99 for that Léon Beyer Comtes D’Eguisheim case is an excellent price!