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2018: Venues for tastings



Does the team in charge of tastings take ease of getting to a venue via public transport into account when deciding where to hold tastings?

The rest of this post is really just added comment and background about my personal experience, but this is a general question.

The tastings are not cheap so it only makes financial sense if a bit of drinking takes place too! Having someone attend a tasting as a designated driver is both expensive and frustrating for the driver.

For example. I am based in northern suburbs of Southampton and do not find this to be the case unless they are held at Winchester Guildhall or Southampton Guildhall. Tastings at the Aegeas Bowl for example are tiresome to get to. It’s local as the crow flies but I am looking at about 1.5 hours via bus including a 20 minute walk. It would only be 30 minutes by bike but the locale is not blessed with safe cycling routes.


As a keen attendee at wine tastings (and one not afraid of complicated public transport arrangements to get there), I agree that the association of good train and bus services with the location is quite important. I see relatively few people actively spitting their tastings out which means that they can’t be driving.

I have experience of Nottingham, Sheffield and Birmingham tastings. All are OK, but more challenging perhaps in winter in the dark, but Birmingham get’s the top vote - the hotel used was literally 2 minutes walk from New Street train station - fantastic! The difficulty for me is getting there in a reasonable time after work ends and I tend to take the afternoon off - still worth it!


Have always been careful about tastings due to lack of public transport. Birmingham would have been my nearest - 35 mile drive, but 2 hours by train with a change and wait at either Shrewsbury or Hereford. No bus service to speak of. The infrastructure of transport in the UK works north to south - look at the Underground map - so always getting across is often problematic. Has anyone thought of ‘pop up’ tastings recently. Short length in smaller communities. I know of one small wine shop who used to tour village halls prior to Christmas .

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