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2018: Transparency on mailings and use of data


There are two reasons for starting this thread: first I’ve been sorting gdpr for my organisation so it’s on my mind, and second because I see a pile of offers on the kitchen counter that I wish I could opt out of.

Before you suggest I contact member services about the latter, I did before and the result was I stopped receiving ALL mailings, which was rather frustrating.

TWS has some great content, but I think the way it is distributed needs more clarity and control from members. This all relates to how you use my personal data and I’d like to have more control over that: in my case I want e.g. the list and fine wine list by post, a ‘summer mix’ offer by email. Others may want to be able to opt in/out of tastings notifications. It seems that among the ad hoc offers and events there are numerous regular, planned mailings that really should have clear options on the website to enable members to choose how to receive them, or not at all. I feel this level of transparency and control is long overdue and I will struggle to see an excuse for it.

So my question is: what plans does TWS have to ensure members are fully informed about all the ways in which their personal data is used, and able to control how that data is used?


I’m happy to get all TWS mailings; my tastes/needs change. I’d rather have an offer I’m not interested in than not to receive one that I’d have wanted to know about.

It’s a matter of a moment to put unwanted mailings in the recycle bin.

I look forward to receiving a white envelope with a TWS logo on my door mat. Much more enjoyable than ones from the Inland Revenue.


This is true, but it should be a matter of of a moment to tick a box saying I want one thing by post and another by email.


I suppose it comes down to whether TWS has the capability, (software?) to do that. It doesn’t cost to send an email, while it does to send a letter so it’d be in their interest not to send unwanted letters.

There is some sort of intelligence in mailings, if you don’t buy anything from them you stop getting any letters, and if you bought specials - such as en premiere - in the past you get letters about new en-premieres which aren’t sent to all members.

No doubt @robert_mcintosh will head on down to the postroom after the holiday and find out whats what . :slight_smile:


But the problem is that TWS assumes that if you haven’t bought from a particular type of offer or wine in the past, you are not interested. So as a new member, I did not receive the fine wines or the en primeur until I asked about them, and even after a couple of years I learned about a German mailing only by chance. But new members do seem to get the low price offerings, so TWS is making assumptions. (And, as I noted recently, its geographical assumptions for tastings notifications seem distinctly odd.) As I have asked before, there needs to be a list of regular mailings distributed from time to time to all .


I agree with all you say @SPmember - it’s a blunt selection of members, what (I think) @tom is asking for, and what you’d like, is an intelligent, member led, selection, tuned to individual members needs.

I was questionning whether there’s a capability to do this…

@robert_mcintosh hasn’t chipped in yet so I’m assuming he’s still chatting away in the postroom, drinking their good strong tea and helping himself to their biscuits :slight_smile:


Thanks for your questions and suggestions, everyone! Like all the AGM questions we’re taking a note and getting an answer ready for you, which we’ll be able to post soon - or even address at the AGM itself.


Here’s my view…

If possible, I’d like to stop all mailings of hardcopy informatiion, and be offered the same via email. At the moment, if I cancel hardcopy stuff I will miss out on some things I think. Being able to opt out of some emailings would be nice to have too.

BTW it is a bit of a faff for me to discard TWS mailngs as I prefer to destroy all name/address information before recyling. So I pull out and shred the letter (and order form I think) before recycling. Should probably remove the transparent envelope window too.

Thanks for listening

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