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2018: Electronic comms for TWS


Just responded to TWS mailshot and opted out of paper comms for the AGM. The question is, why can’t we opt out of paper comms for everything? All TWS envelopes that plop on my doormat go straight into the recycling unread. Same with that fancy box for new members. I realise many will be of the age where e-comms is not familiar and that’s fair enough, let them have paper. However, there really ought to be an active strategy to phase out paper, e.g. all new members enrolled for e-comms by default.


I agree to a degree that paper communications are defunct. However the one thing I LOVE is going through the larger EP offers on paper ! I find it much easier and with a good coffee perfect morning reading :blush:.
I have also opted for an electronic version of the AGM report.


You can opt out if you contact member services.


Totally agree. Much prefer the EP offers in paper for the same reason. I find the same with music; love the sonos but without the CD there is something missing. A lack of connection. Hey ho!

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