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2017 vintage port?



It appears Symington have declared the 2017 vintage. Anyone else looking forward to port EP?



Jancis expecting more to follow suit… :slight_smile:

Expect a flood of 2017 vintage port declarations... Volumes will probably be small, prices ambitious.

— Jancis Robinson (@JancisRobinson) April 9, 2019


After loading up on 2011s (birth year) and 2016s (my greedy year), I will sit out vintage ports for the foreseeable future.

You can have my allocations :smiley:


Excellent spot, @szaki1974! Thanks for sharing so we’re ahead of the curve! :smiley:


I may skip as Ive got 2016… or maybe not :see_no_evil:


Lowest volume on record + hype of second declaration in a row = ££€€$$$ ?

I recently snagged a case of 6 x Fonseca VP 2016 at EP price -13% , at a merchand “bin ends”

So I suspect that if prices go up again for 2017, and 2016 is still available at EP price or less, a rather hard sell it is gonna be


I agree. I’m only in my early 40s but I think my days of EP port buying are over. It’s bad enough waiting for my halves of 2007 to be ready!


I’m not sure what to make of VP these days. You used to have to sit on the stuff for at least 15+ years, but now some are delicious from the word go. But not all.

Fortunately I am sitting on enough of the stuff to see me out (I don’t drink that much of it). But if I wanted to buy more than the odd bottle, I think I would want to taste it first, or at least have somebody else do so whose taste aligned with my own.


I would not really buy more than the odd bottle… so most likely pass on TWS and pick up 1-2 single halves from L&W (if they are still in business).


It’s a birth year for my son. I may be tempted to pick up an odd bottle here or there but don’t think I could justify a 6pk


I have drunk a few 2011s, some 2015s and they are already delicious.
Not many of my (many) VP bottles will make it to 30y…


Might buy a mixed case of halves, but thats about it, not masses of point in port EP in ny opinion. Unless its a really mega year


I’m not sure if it’s being excessive but after managing to purchase EP a case of Cockburns 2016 I’m tempted to try with the 2017 vintage this year. It should be interesting in a decade or two to compare the both side by side. Maybe even if vintage declaration becomes more frequent I could develop a vertical tasting of the same port house. Highly extravagant I know but always nice to dream…


I have 2011, 2015 and 2016. Not sure another declaration is likely this decade so I might need 2017 to round out the set. So far none are the same wines, so if I do jump in I’ll likely go Quinta do Novol and have a selection of wines from the decade, and call that corner of my collection full.


Maybe it is time for a tappit hen of something…


I think I have just done and finished my buying of the 2017s by adding two halves of Niepoort to the cellar.


Got the same email and was considering 6 halves as well…


After much umming and aahing and then some further reading, I have just opted for the mixed halves case. Hope that I make it to my 70th!