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2017 Highlights Tastings

Is any community member going to be attending The Society’s 2017 Highlights events that are happening around the country in the next few weeks?

These tastings are wonderful opportunities to taste the wines that have caught the eye of the press and judges, and to get to taste them all at the same time so you can choose your own favourites.

I don’t know about you, but there are always so many wines to choose from on the list that it can be hard to remember to buy all those you’ve wanted to try as well as stock up on favourites, so I find tastings like these really great opportunities to make my shopping list for the next few months.

If you are heading to a tasting in Manchester, Glasgow, Aberdeen or Birmingham, PLEASE come back and share your impressions to help others who can’t make the tastings. My hope is that in due course we will have member reports after every tasting.

This community loves to hear from each other about wines, and we’d be grateful for your thoughts.

When we wanted to book, last year, the list of wines to be tasted was unavailable so we gave it a miss.

I added on the list of wines to be tasted yesterday onto the site :slight_smile:

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that’s a shame - i know they go up ahead of time but usually not until reasonably close to the date to ensure accuracy.

What sort of advance warning do you think would be reasonable?

Personally I like the discovery aspect, so unless I’m worried that all wines are of a type or level I’m not interested in, I rarely check in advance, but I realise I’m maybe not typical

Thanks for ‘highlighting’ this Robert. I didn’t know there was one in Glasgow at the end of this month…I may well try to get along.

This brings me to an issue which I had meant to raise - the ‘profile’ of the tastings isn’t that high in my view unless I actively remember to log in and see what’s happening. I wonder if members could be emailed (if they wished) to advise/remind them of events at locations that they could specify?

Or am I missing something more obvious that already happens, which is entirely possible! :slight_smile:

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Great point! I’m not sure.

I’m going to see if I can catch Tim Schwilk, the new head of tastings, to join us here and maybe he can answer that better than me, or maybe you can pitch the idea to him. I am sure they’d be keen to make sure we kept in touch with “locals” around the country

I’m off to the Aberdeen one so will scribble some notes. It’s normally a fun night


@MarkC I normally have a flick through the quarterly tastings brochure when it comes through the post with the Society’s List. When that packet arrives, I make a nice evening of it.

Speaking of which, I see the fine wine list sitting on the side there brb …


I don’t seem to get that brochure with the list? Maybe because I haven’t gone to any until now! I did put my name on a waiting list for a couple but didn’t get to them…

Fine wine list has made it through the snows to arrive here today too…

I would love to attend one of these events, however the world seems to end at Bristol for TWS. There was once a tasting planned for Truro (only an hour away) but that was cancelled due to lack of support and so I can understand why we are left somewhat isolated and lonely :disappointed_relieved:

You have to keep nagging them to send EVERYTHING, and you will still find that there are lists or types of brochure which they have decided (how?) don’t interest you. (Find another member, compare notes, and then each of you can ask for what the other is getting.)

The list should be available at least in outline as soon as the tasting is announced. It should be sent to anyone who has booked in time to cancel without penalty (so 1 or 2 weeks ahead depending on type of tasting). I always make a note to keep checking on line after I have booked for something.

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I think you can call/email Member Services and they’ll be able to tick a box on your share to make sure you receive the Tastings brochure if you aren’t already?

But I agree we could do more to publicise upcoming tastings. I think we’re starting to let people know about them more frequently on social media but yes maybe we could send more regional email reminders or something?


I can’t get to a highlights tasting but planning on the rising stars one with a wine newbie so really looking forward to seeing their reaction :slight_smile:


Gday all. Tim Schwilk here and as Robert mentioned I’m the new Tastings and Events Manager at TWS.

Certainly letting members know what events we have coming up is something we could do a better job of and is something I’ll be working hard on.

Currently on the road to Birmingham but will now be a regular here so please shoot through any questions, suggestions or comments.

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@Tim_S would love to see some in the North East , preferably Newcastle :+1:

Hi Leah.

Our new booklet will be out in the first week of February and I hope you’ll be pleased to know we will be holding an Australian Regional Walkaround tasting in Newcastle in April.


Hi tim! Congrats on the new position! I of course would like to make the case for leeds being the most popular venue for tws tastings :slight_smile:

I’ve been really impressed by the consistency and quality of tws tastings so really there is little to improve on from past events. Possibilities include small food plates (order in advance), add-on special masterclass of 5-6 wines on a theme (similar to the wine gang) and I’d love to see a bit of blind tasting fun!

Looking forward to seeing you at future events i hope!

Tim could you address the late issuing of the wines to be tasted list? I’m not willing to book until it is available.

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Or East Anglia, the South East, London, the South, the South West, not really countrywide at the moment.