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2017 Contino Rioja Reserva EP

Any Rioja fans out here ? I’ve just seen this. I don’t usually drink Rioja but I’m curious to know what people think. Is it worth the hype?

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Jancis has today uploaded a feature on Contino and other wineries using the same winemaker - (including Zorzal, and a very complementary tasting note for the WS EP Zorzal). Probably no co incidence - although this particular wine isn’t featured, multiple Contino wines across recent vintages getting 16.5 - 18.

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Seriously!!! Another EP I can’t resist.

Ok my 2 year old can live on bread and water for a month!


Maybe I’m missing something? As I understand it the EP price is £22.28 a bottle duty paid at TWS using this offer.

I haven’t bought from these guys before (so this isn’t an endorsement for them) but seemed to be a bit of a premium to secure the wine via TWS? With the following link you also need to add for delivery, but all in it should be £17.62?

Shouldn’t you be buying one and selling the other without telling anyone? Or have you already built up the position and are now trying to monetize it…

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In the offer (as per the above link) TWS state that “We are the only UK merchant given privileged ‘back door’ access to choose from Contino’s outstanding selection of tanks.”

Which would imply that the wine offered here is not the same wine as offered in your link. Admittedly that makes it impossible to determine relative value without a side by side tasting or information from TWS about the blend used - it’s reasonable to assume though that if the estate has a range of vineyards (appears true) and that they produce these separately and then blend (appears true) then as per, for example, Bordeaux, certain plots and thus certain blends could command a premium.

(Edit to add that experience suggests that TWS are an honest broker and believe that the EP wine is a superior blend due to component parts and / or ratios.)


haha. i don’t do any wine investment/trading. bad choice of username when i signed up to the forum! I am looking for fair value though

Ah ok so its not like for like. Thanks! The offer isn’t far off Decantalo https://www.decantalo.com/en/contino-reserva.html and https://www.vinissimus.com/en/wine/contino-reserva/ which I’d use to benchmark Spanish purchases.

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I bought the 935 and 936 EP but haven’t tried either yet, or any other vintages. I haven’t ever seen TWS offer this wine DP on general sale (can anyone correct me?) and I wish they would! Then we’d get a better idea of what we were spending our EP money on and whether we want to continue building a vertical.

With Meerlust, Madiran and Brunello all on the horizon I’m in two minds about whether to go in a third time. Could anyone who knows previous vintages offer a view?

2009 reserva was offered recently (and maybe still is) at around £25. Contino reserva is well stocked at both M&S and Sainsbury’s at £25 retail and can often be bought on 6+ 25% off

This is a WS special, so difficult to compare directly with other reservas. I bought the 2010 vintage (I think this was the first offer) and it is very good. Also bought 2014 and 2015. I think the EP price is fair.


It’s very much a depends on what’s in it. The current release of their Vina del Olivo, also a 2017, is £60 a bottle.

I got a bottle of the 2005 in my Mystery Lockdown Bin Ends case. It wasn’t the best Rioja I’ve ever had, but it might have been a couple of years ago.

In my experience (admittedly only the 2010) it’s probably on a similar level to the regular Reserva. Certainly nowhere near the Olivo.

I figured that would be the case.

I like Contino wines, but am currently leaning slightly towards not, leaving me with an option of buying some of their varietals, white and rose (if I can get it) instead.

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Was a bit underwhelmed by the Contino white i had from TWS recently. Not as good as the Abel Mendoza whites, anyway.

As far as I can tell the 2017 rioja vintage wasn’t that great? I’m sticking to that in any case to help me resist as I normally go for these rioja offers like a shot but Brunello is looming…


Good to know. I think I’m most interested in the 100% Graciano.

I had his 5V white blend late last year, not sure which vintage, and was blown away by it. Price to match the quality of course…

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I believe '17 and '18 were both mediocre Riojas.

I shall be giving this one a miss; I did like the Contino Garnacha but otherwise I’ve not been hugely impressed. I like them well enough but not enough to store them for ten years.


Only 20 euros or so on vinissimus etc, i think. Similar to Contino!