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2015 Larcis Ducasse


Nearly all the 2015 and 2016 wine I have bought EP is valued at pretty much the same price I have paid for it, which is to be expected at this point, even the super 2nd clarets.

However, the 2015 Larcis Ducasse seems to have shot up in value by 40-50%. I bought a case for £40 per bottle from TWS which is sitting happily in members reserves.

It’s now £55 at Fine & Rare and Farr Vintners; £58 at BI wines; £66 at BBR.

I didn’t buy the wine as an investment but it does feel good to have seen the price rise so quickly! It will be a number of years before it’s ready for drinking and then I’ll have to see what the value is and whether I can afford to drink it!

First world problems!!


I feel the same when I look at Zoopla. And then I think ‘madness!’.


At least you have the benefit of living in and enjoying the property whilst values go up.

The problem with wine is that if you sell at a profit you’ve never had any enjoyment from it apart from monetary.

So I’ll hopefully be able to stick with the original plan, which is drink it in 20 years time and enjoy a bottle that I would never be able to justify buying at the price at that point.