2014 Domaine de Bongran, Vire Clesse

Hi, looking for some comments on this wine if anyone has tried it. Been offered a case at a fair price. Thinking of taking a punt but would be more convinced if someone has tasted this. Any comments much appreciated.


Ah, Bongran… I can dimly remember…

Verget is certainly the most distinctive Macon going, unless they have radically changed their style in recent years. Picked very late, it is rich, tropical and high in everything (including alcohol). It is quite unique, though, and I loved it. I would think it might be particularly attractive in a vintage like 14.

Spare a bottle? :grinning:

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Not committed yet :sweat_smile:

Echoing @suiko, it’s a seductive, almost unctious wine. Rich and compelling, not a typical Vire Clesse. I like them with some age. Go for it.

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As others have said it is a full throttle example. I like them also with some age though they drink pretty much from the get go. I used to buy in case quantities but haven’t for a few years. Still have a few with around ten years age, must try one soon. I’d certainly go for it if the price is good

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Thanks for all the comments, email sent. :grin::+1:

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Are they the same in every year? I only ask as I have had some of the examples he makes using neighbours’ grapes, and they can vary from year to year, i.e. rich and almost unctuous to dry but relatively full.