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2011 Vintage Port



I have just bought some Sandeman’s LBV port 2011 online for laying down from the Vintage Wine and Port Co, which seems respectable.

The notes with the delivery tell me that the wine is fully mature and ready for drinking now. How can that possibly be right? Is there a difference between vintage port and LBV port that I haven’t understood?


2011 was an AMAZING year and although it will last, the few 2011 vintage ports I have tasted have all been so ripe and round you could easily drink them now too … which is dangerous

LBV is ‘pre-matured’ so if anything it is even more ready to drink, so I guess one could say “fully mature” … but no reason not to keep it


Now I most certainly to NOT want to step onto anyone’s toes here, but I would not dream of buying any LBV for laying down.
For the money you paid I think that the Societies Exhibition Crusted Port would do you very well indeed, with the added possible advantage of improvement by cellaring.
I have Fonseca, Taylors and Grahams VP from the early 1990’s. I, at this point do not want to split a case, so I bought the WS Crusted Port which never disappoints and some well priced Quinta do Vargellas 1996/8 and 2005. In bottles and halves for this Christmas Season.
Just for fun get a bottle of the WS Crusted Port and compare it with the Sandeman’s. Schedule the comparative tasting for a Friday or Saturday night, gets some friends to “assist” you, light the blue touch paper and enjoy. Give yourself a full 24 hours to recover, great and unforgettable fun!!
One, memorable (sort of dinner) me and 3 friends killed 2.5 bottles of Taylors 1985 which I had bought EP, 2 of my mates had the Lion’s Share for which they took great pride. Their subsequent headaches were of legendary proportions, but they still recount the occasion with no little gratitude and fondness!!
If I were you, I would keep an eye out for Vargellas, Malvedos or Guimarens during the run up to Christmas. These can be huge bargains, maybe Aldi or Lidel might do the business, Sainsbury’s some years ago was a good source for Single Quinta Port, one just has to be fast on ones feet!


I had some of the Sandeman’s 2011 LBV recently and it was extremely good - and if anything it seemed like it would age well in the bottle which surprised me at the time.

Back in the day LBV was very much the poor relation to vintage port - it had some of the characteristics but in reality was a pale imitation.

However it seems that the major houses have upped their game across the board - not sure whether this is due to declining interest in the former flagship product or simply having to adapt to survive.

In any event I haven’t laid any LBV down myself but this has prompted me to reconsider.




I agree with you about The Society’s crusted and have some of that in my cellar too. I don’t restrict myself from buying elsewhere also though. Had bottles of Graham’s 2002 and Taylor’s 2002 over Christmas. I feared they might be a little past it, but both were excellent!