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2008 and 2009


Back when my kids were born I bought a case each of fancy Bordeaux with the plan to drink them on their 18th. Lynch Bages 2008 and Clerc Milon 2009. It now dawns on me that 12 bottles of the same wine does not a party make. And what if the unappreciative teen doesn’t like claret? Clearly they’ll be disowned.
So have decided to sell these goods (non WS) and make up a mixed case from the WS offerings from each year with the money. If you’ve time on your hands and fancy some vicarious drinking I’d love to hear your thoughts on which wines from those years you would recommend or have experienced.


I wouldn’t - you will still run into the same issue if they don’t like Claret

go and invest the money somewhere and give them that for their 18th or us it to pay for the party! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


Problem is that you’ve got to find wines that will last 18 years, most probably won’t.


Buy lots of 2008 Champagne! E.g. Dom or Bollinger, which are out now, or Taittinger Comtes which is about to be released.

TWS has in stock the DDC blanc in both 2008 and 2009. That should last until 2026/7. Another white option, although nothing currently in stock from your vintages, is Riesling.

2009 is easier as red Bordeaux, Rhone and Burgundy are all good, and so is Sauternes. Champagne not as strong as 08 but decent names should again hold out.


Thanks guys, the kids were keen on the idea of getting the cold hard cash. Compromise looks like a few bottles of champagne, cash and a secret bottle of Bordeaux just for me.


Lewis - I had the same with my god daughter bought her a case of 88 Leoville Barton EP. Come her 18th I said I had a case of red wine for her and she informed me she didn’t like red wine. So I bought her a nice bottle of Champagne and drank the wine myself. When it came to my two one was born in 93 and he got a mixed case of Burgundy EP but I drank most of it before he was 18. One bottle was left that we had a a couple of years ago a Dujac Clos De la Roche that was retailing at about 800 a bottle by then. My other son was born in 95 and he got a case of Cos’ D’estournel and we’re still enjoying a bottle of that every year. So my advice is drink the stuff you bought and get them something else.