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2006 Vintage Champagne £16 off


This came through yesterday. Tried this earlier in the year and was very impressed.


Saw that and currently trying to justify getting a case…might see if it sticks around into next month and then pull the trigger!

Haven’t tried the vintage, but did have this earlier in the year, and very much enjoyed it:


I can’t justify buying anymore, but can confirm that it’s very nice, all the more so at that price! I had a bottle on Easter Sunday.

I’ve tried a couple of other Pierre Paillards and they always go down well. Les Mottelettes 2012 BdBs is waiting for me in my fridge…


Have one of these in store downstairs… 204 bottles left, which I can’t currently afford to buy (have greater need to buy still white and rose) but it does sound right up my street…


There were 373 bottles when I checked in the morning.




Tempted by this. Looks like will have to decide pretty quick if going to get some!..


I’ve spent FAR too much recently…2 bottles of this ordered yesterday though. Now need to find a new storage (hiding) place :rofl:


I have also spent far too much recently.

Going to wait until August now, but still have to keep a stern eye over my budget.

So the question is, can this champagne (which looks absolutely cracking) kick the bottle below out of the basket in my personal ‘6 bottle challenge’?

I am horribly torn, but fear my timescale might force the choice anyway.


That will be a close call between those two bottles in terms of availability… 150 bottles of the Champagne and 160 magnums of the Nebbiolo left. I wou;ld probably buy the Nebbiolo if I were you.


Ah, the trick is to order now but defer delivery, and thus payment, until August. The only problem I’ve found with this strategy is I now have three different orders all scheduled in for August! :scream:


Couldn’t resist. 6 have gone into reserves.


The way I see it is that I have ring-fenced future major event celebrations for the next 8 years with the fizz in my reserves - now joined by this delightfully mature champagne. Can’t wait to retrieve a bottle and try it!

PS 8 cases left…


A bit of background to this offer I just saw…


…16 bottles left. Then it’s gone!


…and it is gone