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Emails to members are always spread out to make them manageable, it’s pretty random whether you get them early or late. I’d imagine you will get the email in due course. The email simply provided the link to the ‘magazine’ which is:

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I don’t normally comment on what I think are irrelevancies. However, I do think both e-magazine and pdf are exceptionally bad formats to deliver articles digitally. The key is that the text doesn’t resize to fit the screen. Thanks to @MikeFranklin for the link; I clicked on it and immediately decided to ignore because the format requires work. If it had been links which were easy to read in a small window I might have read some of the content, but as it is will happily ignore.

Also, apps doing the job of websites are an abomination!

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And becoming steadily less popular. The only real justification for them was when mobile internet connections were painfully slow and it was very hard to write websites that adapted to small mobile screens. Now both of those issues are gone I, and many others, consider the internet apps to be redundant and not worth the effort of maintaining.


Slight frustration on attempting to open it earlier (like the earlier posters), but good content (don’t think anyone’s disagreeing here) and kudos to your no doubt overworked tech team for fixing the speed issue so quickly. Great to see new stuff released, thanks TWS!


You could possibly make some sort of argument about an app being a more secure environment than a browser, but it’s pretty tenuous nowadays, and the ongoing cost of maintenance is huge, and very, very hard to justify for content delivery and e-commerce.


First things first - I like the content.

I can’t say I’m particularly enthused by the format though, as I didn’t find it as easy to navigate or alter text size as a simple web page with links would have been. I can see that it was designed for print distribution, and would work well that way. Maybe the easiest way to get it to members was then to turn it into this format, and that’s fair enough. I hope that lots of money wasn’t spent on doing it that way, though, as I feel there may be better things to spend it on. I do mean that constructively, as there’s no point in just saying it works for me, when actually I’m not so keen.


It goes like poo off a pitchfork on my internet connection, really quick. Looks nice.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: …opera lovers?


Whilst some have commented on the noise or the download or the access via pdf I can’t see anyone referencing the comment in the introduction

Bravo to the Society for finding a solution during the current crisis rather than simply waiting until everything returns to normal.


I’m really left wondering why this sort of publication is necessary when the content could easily be built into the existing website. Couldn’t all the buyers have their own space in the website where they could write stuff like this/answer questions/relate events/tastings etc etc. Personally I would like to see dedicated places within the existing structure and clear guidelines on how to access them, recipes/vintage assessments/news etc

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Now downloads quickly but the format is not one I like.

Something like the Waitrose magazine app is much better.

This has tempted me (again) to order more wine (still haven’t tried Weinert).


All Weinert wines are great, exactly to my taste preferences, I have quite a few in my cellar.


This is why I haven’t read it. I’ve had 24 bottles turn up over the last three days as it is!


Just got the email and opened it up - no issues, looks great. Well done.


I don’t know if this helps (maybe you don’t use Instagram) but the buyers are just launching their own Instagram accounts for just this purpose - you can find them all by the username buyername+thewinebuyer eg ‘freddythewinebuyer’ ‘timthewinebuyer’ ‘sarahthewinebuyer’ etc. They’re doing everything you mention above, plus giving insight into buying trips (eventually!) highlighting new wine finds etc.

But thanks for your feedback on the Discovery pages - and the good news is most if not all of 1874’s articles will go on the website too if that’s how you prefer to read it. :smiley:

I’ll pass this on to the team - they’ll be really pleased to read this, so thanks. It’s such a shame we couldn’t do a printed version because it’s the sort of thing I’d have kept on my coffee table indefinitely! Maybe next time. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


‘Angry from Manchester writes to complain about all the repeats on TV’…

This gives a one-stop shop for people to read articles…not everyone reads every part of a website and ‘e-publications’ like this act to bring together many areas of editorial…people can then go to look for more if they so wish

But obviously I’m an idiot !


as I cant be bothered to re-write …

a good friend has dumped his physical business magazine (cant deliver it easily to business and no one there to read it anyway!) and gone on-line with it as an e-publicaiton…very similar response as to on here - most love it and 1 or 2 dont get it…


email titled ‘Introducing 1874 digital magazine: recipes, insight and inspiration from The Wine Society’ arrived mid-afternoon on 20th for me…but sometimes, due to database sizes, these things can take a few hours to get to everyone

check spam…couple of people on here think thats all its good for anyway :rofl: